In this video, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs the iPad Pro 11 inch tablets. These are two of the most popular products from Apple and everyone is wondering which one to buy. iPad Pro was released in 2018, while the Galaxy Tab S4 was released in 2018.

Let’s dive in and compare.

Buy the iPad Pro: (lowest prices)
Buy the Tab S4: (lowest prices)

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  1. Sd card.. jack audio, super amoled.. tab s4 for sure ✔✔✔

  2. I got an iPad Pro and I love it! It may be super expensive but it’s worth it

  3. For a real comparison, drop them down some stairs

  4. Shamesung Galaxy tab s4 is the worst device I ever had and I have both device's shamesung Dex caused unrecoverable bootloop 5 times in a single months never ever buy a Android tablet iPad is just better no matter what

  5. Samsung tablet is bonkers

    *The battery is at 0% but when I connect with the charger…It immediately goes to 73% in less than 2 seconds..
    Then in less than 10 minutes….It goes back to 0%……

    It takes extremely long to charge (for my tablet)….About 19 times longer than how the battery life lasts

  6. 7:02 When you see Kirito….

  7. …editing 4k video on an iPad? Give me a break. Who is doing that?

  8. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 and I love it but I can't really do that much with it because it's not designed for my pirate lifestyle. That's why I bought a Tab S4. I can put all my Firestick apps on it and download stuff onto the 512GB memory card.

  9. When it comes to tablets the iPad is the king there really isn’t much competition, although some of the android tablets including this one, come with nice screens and specs etc. The iPad has the rich app eco system, and something that the competition simply cannot compare with. Android tablet apps are not optimised for the larger screen and it really does show.

  10. I want to pick apple bcs its run fast and smooth but if i take this one i can't use it as freely as i can such as download music and videos directly with browsers. From what i heard and ask from apple user u also can download but u need to convert it into documents and etc. But when i look back i have to do many processes to get just 1 file it's so irritating for me compare to android u can just open browser and click download done. So after considering for what happened i choose the android over the ipad.
    If u want to buy and if u need to compare it.
    Compare it base kn what u will use is it help u the most or not so u didn't just spending your money and you regret it.
    Thanks ?

  11. iPad Pro is worst nonsense I recommend Samsung galaxy tab

  12. Great Video but I must say this "Only a fool trusts benchmarking software as it's all lies anyway I'll take real world performance tests over what some software says."

    A pro grade user should consider the Microsoft Surface Pro over any iPad as it has better software and more power.

    The iPad also has a 4:3 aspect ratio while the tab S4 has a 16:10 aspect ratio and the S4 has a Super AMOLED display I'll take that over 120hz refresh rate any day as it will get better battery life as AMOLED is better on the battery than an LCD display.

  13. Yes the ipads may have power but whats the point if theres nothing to do on them except for fb and youtube

  14. ipads suck, you cant do anything on em, on android you can play downloaded movies, emulators etc

  15. ? I would rather get the s4 which is now $350 compared to $650 of the ipad. Plus $120 for the apple pencil. Tell me what app is the average user gonna use to use all the power of the ipad pro that warrant spending $420 more.

  16. I've never felt a million dollars.

  17. When you had them side by side showing the video of the water, I could never tell which device was which.. for casual users who aren't super familiar with these products, it's impossible to tell them apart and I kept losing track!

  18. When you say ipad games are better than android games that makes no sense I have used iPhones and androids and games are mostly the same

  19. Idea:
    Buy iPhone,Apple Watch
    Buy Samsung Laptop and Samsung Tablet

    Fair enough to show I am a true fan of both companies!?

  20. would love the ipad but i'm def not paying that much for a tablet. Just got a s4 for 350!

  21. Hi sakitech. I always watch all your videos. When are you going to make a video for the tab s6 ? Any tips and tricks pls… ? Keep up the work man… Cheers! Thanks in advance.

  22. The iPad Pro shits on the TabS4 ?

  23. is the higher resolution on the tab s4 noticeably better?

  24. Tab s4 vs tab s6 video plz

  25. Does S6 keyboard works on S4

  26. iPad Pro: Like
    Tab S4: Comment

  27. Tired with apple limited features…samsung understand users needs

  28. So ipad is better for gaming?

  29. how is the s pen build quality? i might have to throw this in a backpack eveyday for school and such because of no storage area so is it flimsy or too plastic like? i really wanted to get a decent pen because i take alot of notes and im also a hard artist on the side so i was looking for something capable of photoshop and sketch softwares

  30. iPad is good, but has HUGE problems
    1- It has the glitchiest screen that I’ve ever seen. It can take multiple taps (5+) on each letter when texting every once in a while. The screen flat out freezes for half a minute straight, not picking up any touch inputs at all. That alone is making me want to not use it much, even switching to older devices for a day or two because of the screen.

    2- Mine, along with many, many others. Was bent straight out of the box. It bent further with more every day use. I had to put a huge case on it, put tons of large books on it, and not use it for a week to flatten it out. Watch JerryRigEverything’s video if you want to see this.

    3- It seems to lag a lot when other devices don’t, especially in gaming. Idk why.

  31. Look I am an android fan but on phones I go with Samsung, however on tablets I go with iPad.
    They are just much better than android tablets.

  32. Comes down to software (not os) what ever apps you need to use that determines which tablet to get. Personally if you want an android tablet I would get a chromebook.

  33. This is a really great comparison. I will add to Samsung Dex on Apple you can screen mirroring through WiFi using an Apple TV or like what I can do is the same on my Samsung TV. It’s really cool.

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