If you are looking for the best tablet that money can buy, chances are you are looking at an iPad. However, if you are not interested in getting locked into a closed eco-system, then you might want to consider taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. The tablet is priced at Rs 39,999 for the 4GB RAM and 64GB storage variant with support for LTE, which we have here for review. To put things into perspective, the entry-level 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad Air (2019) is priced at Rs 44,900. How does…

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  1. Can Anyone help me?
    Which one better?
    S5e or Air 2019.
    please i am just confused i want to buy tomorrow but now i Don't understand!!
    Which one i take?
    Please suggest me the best one.
    note: i love samsung and iphone.
    But i want the best one

  2. I watch films ect on my iPad Air 3 the speakers are great

  3. Thanks I'm looking for a potable way to handle my real estate business. I need internet access or at least Wi-Fi and ability to use web program than handle listings here in Tennessee, USA. I would like to have one that uses a pen so I could make notes as I walk through properties and the keyboard is a must when I'm completing all our real estate contract forms. Any suggestions are appreciated. PS This is one of the best reviews I've ever seen. Great Job THANKSagain.

  4. there is no hdr support in ipad air
    you made a mistake

  5. Thanks for reviewing…. None of the famous Indian you tubers have done it till now

  6. The wifi version of S5e starts at 35k as compared to 45k ipad air wifi. S5e with wifi+lte costs 40k which same variant of ipad is 56k. If u are comparing the tabs, then compare appropriately. Comparing price of lte model of one with wifi version of another's makes no sense. A basics common sense, duh!!

  7. Video for Indians. The rest of the world cannot stand such accent

  8. paying 5k is all right as iPad is future proof sd675 no matter how xaiomi (realme sd710) create hype its a midrange chip. if someone uses sd 8th series chip he/she cant go back to 6th/7th series it cant satisfy.

  9. iPad 2018 (26000 bucks ) over s5 anyday , let alone be iPad mini .?

  10. Good presentation bro

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