This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 hands on with 6 things to know before buying it:)

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Thank you guys all for watching!

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  1. Eu não entendi nada que você falou mas gostei do vídeo

  2. This product is garbage cracks if dropped once and they will not repair it for nothing a month later telling you send it in now apple does repair their devices better it ipad or laptop this thing sucks

  3. Another great review. 🙂

  4. Perhaps a 50 tips, tricks & hidden features of Tab S6 would be more useful for everyone.. that will be really cool.

  5. I got tired listening to you. 🙂

  6. I am so excited to c your video saying you are so exited 😀

  7. can I run unity on this ?

  8. 7. No headphone jack.

  9. Arruma um desse pra mim

  10. Massively off topic but you cute AF

  11. That was an excellent breakdown on the S6 tab a you seem like a very bright and capable young lady and I appreciate this and I hope you're in college

  12. 탭S6갖고싶었는데 아쉽다.~~~^^

  13. The camera great for scanning documents.

  14. Are you an Apple Sponsor

  15. Thanks for the info. Just got mine and had no clue what I was getting myself into. Haven't had a tablet since 2013 lol

  16. Best Buy is selling it for $550 at base model. And then you also get a free $100 gift card. So $450 altogether

  17. I am torn with a surface or the galaxy s6

  18. May I know, where do you get the case on 2:19? Thanks

  19. I am just buying a key board case online and its back light…

  20. Sis I need this video in tàmil

  21. Wow …that was a great video…

  22. Your voice is really cheerful and energetic ?

  23. Amoled with 1440p. Dex! Pen! Fuck you apple!

  24. you have a really big anime eyes XD

  25. Hi. Would you recommend this tablet for taking notes in medical university ?

  26. Glad to see your channel is still going strong. Made me smile 🙂

  27. Shits on Apple lmao.

  28. You look like my German teacher

  29. Nice bassy voice.

  30. s6 or ipad mostly for note taking? but i never use ios

  31. I dont understand why people hate others taking photos with their tablets? I mean… Why not?

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