Unboxing new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LTE 4G edition. Snapdragon 855, 7040mAh battery, improved pen. GTA San Andreas, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite gameplay tests.
Samsung Galaxy Fold unboxing
Ultimate Minecraft console unboxing
Samsung Galaxy Note10 unboxing
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G unboxing
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  1. Samsung users here?

  2. I am watching this video in samsung galaxy tub S6

  3. Best handwriting I have ever seen!

  4. Any Nokia lumia 1520 users here?

  5. What about gta sa

  6. Me at the beginning this looks like a good tablet

    Me at the end the scan lines are visible

  7. My samsung user)

  8. Give me pls hehe

  9. Кто русский

  10. Hmm kinda looks like a android ipad

  11. Best handwriting ever seen

  12. Can you try playing FORTNITE*using DUAL SHOCK* controller

  13. MEEE! I have a samsung galaxy j5 (2016)

  14. Ye jogang sak Nyuting tie

  15. Great vid, I am galaxy user

  16. The real 'unbox THERAPY'

  17. Aun dan la skin galaxi en 2020?

  18. Your Handwriting ??

  19. i use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A

  20. I love these Unboxing Videos keep it up ?

  21. From the start I feel relax?

  22. אחכחמףשיכעחךידכךכדדחףיכךדףככ-חשאגלליגשלגעכידתגשעלילר-ט-ואחעדךךחדעדכיתדחץעדךחעגףגףגךדך-דךקוקלצגחב צכצחכמכנכנכהכד֫

  23. Hahaha, he kiss sheep

  24. Yes mine is samsung galaxy a10s

  25. yes i use my a80 to make my videos

  26. اذا اكو عرب لايك

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