In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and the iPad Pro 11 Inch Model. A lot of people are wondering whether to get the Galaxy Tab S6 or the iPad Pro, and they need precise answers. Some people just want to know which one is better.

These are two of the most popular products from Apple and everyone is wondering which one to buy. iPad Pro was released in 2018, while the Galaxy Tab S6 was released in 2019.


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  1. How can you not mention about games? A big dislike to this video.

  2. Thank saki now I can decide Which one I want for my birthday

  3. I will prefer the ipad because it's better for gaming but right now I have the Samsung tab a 2019 it's not really good for gaming because its a little laggy I'll go for the ipad pro because its performance is slightly better

  4. You forgot to mention the APPLE PEN 2 can charge wireless next to the iPad Pro 11. So it’s worth getting the pen. And magnetically sticks on the side. Compare to other brands some need battery’s on their pens ? lmao ?

  5. Lol watching this on tab s6

  6. Wow. You take like the S6 is just some tablet. It is a powerhouse. The s-pen has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. You have a huge array of apps to choose from. A super AMOLED quad HD display, with a snap dragon processor. Galaxy S6 ftw.

  7. Tab s6 make the deal real

  8. Fake news! You can't compare oled ppi to LCD ppi.

  9. Summarized @11:11. Thanks I got myself an answer.

  10. Lcd can not compared with OLED. I get the tab s6 for sure

  11. For playing games?

  12. Samsang. Number 2

  13. No I don’t subscribe to every video I check!

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  15. I wish the Tab S6 had a 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ration. This would make it much better for use with the keyboard. The ipad pro is probably much better, but is also significantly more expensive. AT the beginning of 2020 you can get the S6 w/ Pen and Keyboard for $630. That's $170 cheaper than the IPad Pro (256GB). Add the Pen and Keyboard and it's almost twice the price: $630 vs $1,100.

  16. I hope i will have enough money(bday gift) on my birthday to buy either one of this for school???

  17. Apple iPad is best because it coast more than Tab S6. We can waste more on it. Awesome ?????

  18. I like both but ipad doesnt have a free pen and the keyboard is better in samsung

  19. I just realized this guy lives super close to me

  20. Which of these has more bloaters? Battery degradation over a period of 5 yrs? Also battery overheats while multi-tasking? What about wifi signal drops? How smart are between siri and bixby? Customer service and warranty? Depreciation?

  21. I just need the ipad for gaming and perfomance

  22. I’m an app developer.

    The ecosystem argument is more nuanced than everyone would have you believe.

    Are iOS apps generally higher quality? Yes. This is shifting however. And you will pay for that quality.
    I personally find that there are far fewer useful utility apps because of the locked down nature of iOS.
    Basically it’s a very theme park style user experience, and you operate within that theme park.
    If you want to install strange utility apps, use alternatives and tinker with things, you’re better off on Android.

    Also For gamers, emulators are better on android, so I’d argue it’s the better gaming platform easily

  23. The tab s6 would be a serious contender for a drawing tablet if the apps were up to par…

  24. Great Video ??, picking up an s6 ?


    Purchasing because , I have apple everything , and a would like to try something different , since Android / apple experience is so close.

  25. Gaming or use of any actual pro apps -> of course get the ipad pro, the A12x is insane

    Media consumption -> tab s6, its cheaper and has an amoled display

  26. You have 86,000+ unread mail messages

  27. ipad bends apps arent bad anymore on android also we can emulate stuff

  28. I came after seeing samsung making fun of oled vs Qled on tvs

  29. I will never support Apple

  30. I'm just looking for something for media, a lil sketching, and plus I miss Android. I also have a surface pro but the tablet mode isn't all that.

  31. What he should have said was "if you want a more customizable tablet get the Tab S6" don't get me wrong I love iPads and my Tab S6 but I don't care about the iPads processing power I don't count how long it takes for an app to open as soon as I press the icon on my home screen and I don't care about refresh rates either, my iPad pro 11 does what I need but I will always favor my Tab S6 because Apples updates will cripple the iPads processing power and once a new iPad is released I guarantee there will be plenty of bugs in the current iPads iOS update.

  32. Lcd for 800 bucks…are you kidding me Apple? come on be serious

  33. Tab s6 rocks…the ipad throw it to the rocks…..

  34. I break it down like this – do you want a tablet for browsing/watching video, that can also do standard Office productivity work just like a laptop? Tab S6. Dex is excellent for this, and MS has specific Dex versions of the Office apps that work well.

    Do you want a tablet for tablet specific apps, that is also good for browsing/watching video? You pretty much have to buy an iPad.

  35. The ipad won and is from a year ago, JUST IMAGINE THIS YEAR’S IPAD

  36. I am buying Both of them!

  37. He didn't said,that Samsung s6 have place for sd card to 1tb

  38. Samsung good

  39. Was expecting a bit more from the review honestly. Thanks still.

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