This is my battery drain test for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I’m impressed! Your thoughts?

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  1. Hey Everyone! Hope your all having a great day! What do you think of the battery life on this watch?

  2. Dang bro where do you live?! 108 F at 8 PM?!

  3. Wait. 108 degrees at 8:30 am?? That battery is dealing with some HEAT!

  4. My watch on LTE at 7:00 AM at 100% and 1 hour passed and my watch is at 50% is this because of the new update or LTE or what?

  5. How is the battery life with Bluetooth and LTE mixed mode? And how would it be with AOD turned off.? That would be a great video.

  6. I don't understand why people use always on display with gestures. Just save your battery life when you aren't looking at it lol.

  7. Was this the 46 mm of the 42 mmmm version otherwise the bigger battery or the small about every other two?

  8. I as expecting a wrap up with the total time the watch lasted before recharge.

  9. What about playing music?

  10. Would the Non-LTE version have a longer battery life, you think?

  11. Been thinking about using one of these as my primary device, no phone with me at all most of my week. This was one of the things I was most concerned about. Awesome video man, really appreciate it!

  12. I recently got mine. Started my day at 5am. With always display off. Heart rate monitor off. Connected to phone via bluetooth. Shocked when see battery at 9am it was 56%left. I even turned off the wake gesture feature. Only used the spotify remote app not standalone just to control while driving. Its 1pm and battery level is 25%. Not happy at all with it.

  13. Dear sir, would lte variant is useful in india or not, pl. Do comment..

  14. Wat is e sim, n how can we activate it on a smart watch. Pl. Tell me…

  15. Owner of 46mm frontier – minimum usage & LTE & bluetooth connection to phone (ssgs10) yields about a day's usage. Fairly accurate review.

  16. Exactly what I want to review

  17. Try the Galaxy Watch 42 mm LTE battery test!

  18. When the watch switches from lte to bluetooth is it running both or only bluetooth?

  19. Very helpful video. ?. Please make video with LTE always on but Display should not be always on.

  20. I've just seen this review. Awesome job! I'm seriously impressed with the battery life as I wasn't expecting it to last almost a day and a half on LTE and with Always On Display all the time! Wow! I also have the LTE version but I'm only using it via BT because I haven't enabled any cellular network on my watch yet. I'm getting easily 4 days on a single charge and sometimes even up to 5 days, but that of course with moderate use and the AOD off. Still, the battery on the Samsung Galaxy Watch rocks!

  21. Used to own iphone and apple watch but switched to smasung note 9 and galaxy watch.. so glad i did.. thry are both amazing

  22. What do you shoot with? The face tracking is really good

  23. Was that one day and one night that it lasted

  24. Wait you have Google maps? I thought that wasn't working. Or is it a third party map app?

  25. Hey so your findings are different to this guy who used it a bit more with Spotify streaming and running and swimming tracking used the battery with lte over half a day only. Can you respond is his device defective or?

  26. It seems like you also got your bluetooth turned on the entire battery test.

  27. You have to do a few things to get the battery life you hear about on those YouTube video's, even the 42mm version can benefit from these tips, too.

    First, choose a simple, old fashion-style watch face (or one with few info widgets). Second, Turn Heart beat detection to ONCE every 10 minutes. Third, turn DOWN the screen brightness to #5 or less. By default the screen brightness is set to #6 or 7. Fourth, Deactivate the ALWAYS ON screen. In fact, switch it turn on when you move your wrist to view the time. Last but not least -Turn off or decrease the GPS usage – GPS on watches can really suck the battery dry, REALLY QUICK! Keep yourself from installing any apps or keep yourself from using apps on watch until you see how long you can use your watch before charging. ALSO, try to turn off the watch at end of your day. Take notice of your battery level at shut off. If you have done all this, you should see your battery levels decline by only about 20-25% per day of use. Once you get close to this goal, you can go crazy using your phone apps..just watch your battery usage so you can estimate how much longer you can go before needing a charge! 42mm typically can get ABOUT 2 Days of light use, 46mm models can get about 4 days. But you will get less than half if you use music apps or make a lot of phone calls or have the GPS always on

  28. I gave my wife the 46mm regular…and she is running it same as in video, except for LTE calling, she is averaging 25-30% per full 18 hour days.

  29. I own the 42mm and with in a hour of use it was less then half of battery life. All I used was spotify with the LTE. Is this normally? Also while in use it had to cool down so it stopped the music because it was overheating? Should I just trade it for a 46mm or get my money back?

  30. I just purchased the 42mm version. I am lucky if I get 10 hours that's shutting everything off except for text alerts and phone calls. Not getting any calls and few text I am getting 10-12 hours of I'm lucky. It seems all YouTube videos get 2 days but if you Google it, people who purchased it and did not receive a free watch to review are getting similar usage to me. 100% to dead in 10 hours or less. What is going on?

  31. Hey Josh good review, however I have the 42mm LTE version and would have hoped I could get at least a day out of it! I have only been able to squeeze 7 hours from it and it's mostly connected via Bluetooth. I have the display turned down to 4 and time out at 15secs. I turned off the weather update, and turned off notifications from lighting up the screen. I do have my email going over to it. So I have received over 25-30 text messages and it is work email so have received about 50 emails. I think my work email could be killing it. I'm anxious to know your thoughts!

  32. i just got the Sprint LTE version and i think it last just a day and half regular usage, i was expecting more based on what Samsung said about the watch anyways, thank you for the video!

  33. What is difference btw bluetooth and lte version?

  34. Thanks for this revew! Good job! I bought this watch and i'm impressed too !

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