Sanhok Gameplay
iPad Air 3 PUBG Mobile
Recorder: inbuilt iOS
Editor: iMovie
60fps with recording
Graphic Settings: Balanced + Extreme framerate
Internet: Vodafone Hotspot

Instagram: ikon_nik

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  1. Bhai tu vada ke sim se Hotspot leke khelta hain kiya Voda wifi use karta 40-50 ping kese ata hai tereko???

  2. Bro, should i buy this for gaming? And how much does this cost in us dollars?.

  3. bro tu bhut bda camper h yr kyu khelte h camper aise

  4. Ya 2019 wala ya 2015 wala ha

  5. Even any little lag?

  6. a12 bionic can't hdr extreme
    a12x bionic can or nob?

  7. Does iPad Air 3 supports HDR+Extreme…?

  8. Ipad air 3 can running with graphics Hdr Extreme?

  9. Bro can we play on hd settings? In ipad air plz reply..

    Edit:- if yes will there be any lag?

  10. Can the iPad Air be played with extreme settings without freezing or shrinking? Or should I buy iPad Pro 11?

  11. Bhai or video dalo

  12. Ipad 6th gen or air me konsa sahi rhega

  13. Keep at it man! Never give up. I’m also a youtuber bro hbu anyways any tips for me on my channel man ? Well I hope you keep doing what you doing kkdkkdkdkd

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