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  1. Title says “Secret Phone Codes You Didn’t Know Existed!”, but now it’s not a secret anymore???

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  3. I bave iphone 6s nad a have one app which I cannot delete

  4. My Husband was so speechless after he found out i have been monitoring his secret relationship with my best friend all these while. a massive thank you to @cybercaliphate699 on Instagram for this great opportunity.

  5. The codes are not working on my Android. before software update it was working but now I have to use Third-party app. If you have any solution please tell me !

  6. Right from the upset I do watched your video getting datas just to stream your videos. Please, can I be a friend collaborately which can also help to grow my channel please?

  7. Dont give this helmet the time of day

  8. Knobhead total

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  10. *#*#49392892*# your phone will have a unique movinh background only works for android!

  11. waits 4 1/2 hours for audible ad. damn i thought i had youtube prmium

  12. So all codes are useless

  13. My rsrp is -103

  14. @thiojoe hi i am unable to download apps from playstore…it says waiting to download or something….i messed up with one of the secret codes…kindly help

  15. Oh have a real one to work with about you getting to see the truth yourself by just contact hack cloud on WhatsApp by texting +1(910)-766-0744 and nice to always hear back

  16. Unaku Onnume purila ??

  17. None of this secret dialer codes do not work what is up with this?

  18. Can I have a video that is our mobile phone is hacked or not by using a secret code in dial pad etc

  19. Despite several attempts,methods,techniques & even the people pretending to be hackers I've encountered,i was finally refereed to this hacker on Instagram who finally gave me all i wanted from my partners mobile phone.If you are in the same shoe as me,i'm referring you to his Instagram page for help[@cybercaliphate699].

  20. All the codes not work in huwaei phone

  21. I have a Android and nothing works

  22. £ This is pound.
    # This is hash.

  23. Hello frindz plz samsung secerat codes

  24. Title of video and the time on it dont match I knew you was about to talk my head off

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