SENBONO V6 Fitness Tracker Buying Link: (Coupon: — Choose $3 off over $15 purchase)

This V6 smartwatch has been provided by SENBONO for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to SENBONO for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this V6 smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches…

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  1. Which OS do these watches themselves run? Is it LiteOS, RTOS, or some other OS? Do any of your watches besides the Huawei GT run LiteOS? I'm wondering how well it performs & its functionality vs Wear OS, Tizen, & full Android.

  2. Any feature anti lost phone?

  3. I'm going to buy this one too. I'm hoping the S08 that I just bought gets a firmware update with the new graphics and user interface. If Senbono keeps improving the Dafit app adding more watch faces and better notification services they will make a killing.

  4. Does this watch work on Bluetooth and no SIM

  5. Does it have a compass?

  6. How do I change the face of this smartwatch?

  7. Does this have to be paired with phone? My husband doesn’t have one.

  8. nice review . I like it 🙂

  9. does it have youtube

  10. Is it possible to not have your screen timeout so frequently it’s my one pet peeve and I can’t figure out how to make it last longer

  11. How do you change the time on it because my time is different.

  12. Does it work for ios?

  13. How did the screen hold in the direct sunlight????

  14. ??I am getting one I can’t wait can ??buy different strips and ??does it restart the steps the calories and distance or not?

  15. Is there anyway to make the text front bigger they're so small!

  16. I got this watch today. Good watch but the text message feaure is driving me up the wall….. Everytime I open the text message it. The letters are so small and it's not letting me see the message I have to scroll to the area where the text message is. It doesn't just appear on the screen.

  17. Good video, it really helped me. Do you know how to keep the screen on permanently or at least longer than a couple of seconds. I don't get time to read it before it goes off, if the light isn't too good. Thanks.

  18. Any help? My watch stopped working and is buzzing, please help

  19. Waiting for mines coming overseas! I can't wait to get it!..

  20. Not worth it.
    Sedentary reminder does not work.
    Messages they are displayed in such a small font you have to keep using the phone even for short messages like "Hi".
    No drink water remider (is a "sport"/lifestyle smart watch so I think it should have been included).
    The charging clip is very difficult to to get it on the first go.
    Heart rate monitor and blood pressure is not accurate, of readings all the time.
    Doesn't wake up when you turn your hand every time.
    In my opinion TO EXPENSIVE, let down mainly by software.

  21. Hello everyone in this gps?

  22. Can you reply to messages on it? And get sms messages fb etc?

  23. I have one of these watches. I can't figure out how to set a custom pic for the face.

  24. what's the best smart watch for 30$?

  25. How can i update thr time and date? Please i can't see the option.

  26. This watch looks like a Fitbit Versa

  27. is it touch screen or can only be controlled by the button?

  28. Just wanted to share.. Mine i got water vapour on my screen as i shower with it and the blood pressure is nuts from day one my average 130/80 but it keeps show 160++/80++ Too bad its really good built with solid weight and brightness is superb.. battery life around 2-3 days depends on brightness level

  29. My teacher had that

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