Our cousin finally got to Missouri and the wife already wants her out of the house. We decide to put her up with a nice double wide on the farm. We picked up a brand new 2720 5 shank deep till Deere machine down at Platte Valley Equipment. We also wreck the drone! All in a days work at the farm.

What a beautiful map: If you agree like No Creeks Page
New roleplay series is based on real terrain map in North Central Missouri. Where the ground…

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  1. He's real rough on his cousin. Bless her sweet heart!

  2. It’s called toy o ta

  3. Y'all should make these mods for us console players on Xbox & or PlayStation we really need stuff like this please y'all could change the way consol gaming is if you guys put your mods up on the modhub for Xbox & PlayStation please and thank you

  4. Can you see if you can locate an 6030 for your farm someday?
    Also I see a new path so you don't have to use the ditch

  5. Keep the role play like the other YouTube's in the series

  6. Great vid keep up the great work and the wide tires are for cotton

  7. Why don’t you have real people on your server

  8. This map is set really close to my home town. Love MB Farm’s work

  9. This map is set really close to my home town. Love MB Farm’s work

  10. That ringing noise to the Toyota is a turbo.

  11. Anyone know where to get the John Deere open station tractor

  12. Love the time lapse keep up the great work!

  13. I love this roleplay series keep it up

  14. The 80s series is awesome! You should get a Ford 8000.

  15. Can you pls somehow incorporate getting an newer Masey Ferguson tractor

  16. We run a 2730 ripper. The thing is a great unit that works great in wet soils and heavy corn stalk residue . We pull it with our case 340 magnum .Nice video

  17. where do you get the placeables??

  18. I like the John Deere staff like a lot

  19. What textures or is it the map?

  20. Great video squad farms

  21. First comment second like

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