Shmee’s vid from that day:

More on red M3:


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  1. Der Focus kommt aus Herne! WOOOHOOO!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the 570S(hitbox) and the Shmee Mobile together

  3. That time when Misha went on a night "drive" with Mr. Shmee… Did I sense any love? 😀 Awesome video mate!

  4. How come Shmee's cars aren't blue? Is that a different Mclaren and GT4 than in other videos? Sorry, I don't follow Shmee on YT or anything.

  5. Can't wait for shmee to visit apex!

  6. Misha, sorry but you are wrong – the Isdera Erator is definitely no replica of a Ford GT 40! It's a german car brand.

  7. God, I've missed Boris so much.

  8. looking forward for more content at Apex ? when you are going to be the Driver in the MClaren…

  9. For a second I was like.. Why did Shmee reupload this video but it appears the timeline has finally connected from when I first started watching.

  10. I have two things to say: First – "ракия" is Bulgarian and second – a proper test drive is the whole bottle.

  11. What is the name of that doll besides the potatoes? It's from Russian, right?

  12. i hope shmee will come visit you this year too 🙂

  13. thats long ago or am i drunk ?

  14. Im lost with this in the present are you dead or you still alive?? You jumping way to much in the timeline 🙂

  15. why are these videos out so long after they been filmed?

  16. Does that lawnmower have a turbo?
    I mean it's near the nurburgring

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