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Part 2 of the 2019 vs 2018 iPads. No they aren’t the same.
Here we focus on how the extra 1GB of RAM affects game play and usage.

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0:13 – Fortnite
2:00 – Memory test
2:33 – PUBG
3:38 – Procreate

Camera: iphone 11


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  1. Bro is it available for $249 in usa??????

  2. Only reason why Fortnite runs better on 7th gen is because its better optimized

  3. does ipad 7th generation comes with 2gb ram variant also? and if it's then 329$ is what variant price?

  4. How much RAM has the ipad 6th generation

  5. Great useful review. These details are important.

  6. Wow really good work, I always thought it was the A10 Fusion that was bottlenecking the 2018 iPad, guess I was wrong!

  7. Are you playing in portrait orientation ?????????????

  8. I'm thinking of getting either a new 2016 iPad pro 9.7 inch or this one which one would you recommend?

  9. You video deserves more views, it’s the only one that shows the real difference between in RAM iPad 2018 and 2019, good job

  10. Is this ipad really good for gaming. I want to buy for steaming.

  11. Very good video.

  12. Thank you for your review!

    Seems the only feature that might affect my experience will be layer count for Procreate. Does this mean the iPad 2019 will only get about 2-4 more layers with most canvas sizes in comparison to the predecessor model? Would 32gb even be enough for large procreate files?

  13. I was confused but you hel me thanks

  14. When is your next video?

  15. Very helpful, thanks for these two videos.

  16. Thank you for showing in detail. Went to buy an iPad 7.

  17. Your channel is going places. Today 1K subs

    In 2 years 300k!

    I like the professionalism and graphics.

    Feels like you should have 300k subs already.

  18. Nice review!
    Nor sure if I should get the 10.2 or the iPad Mini 5.. Basically just gonna do bits of reading and youtube/reading, maybe games here and there.. I got the iPhone 11 128gb, so I’m thinking the 5 is not needed ..?:(

  19. I subbed because i like your content

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