With all the health benefits inherent in the new Apple Watch Series 4, is it morally wrong for Apple to exclude Android users?

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  1. It is time for Apple to evolve and make the watch compatible to android. Apple would take alot of profit from fitbit.

  2. Agree with Andy… expand your user base.

  3. I await Android phone compatible apple watches. I'll definitely buy one

  4. Short answer. No, they are not obligated to do anything. Even if it does have health features that can detect certain things (As limiting as they are like 1 touch ECG heart monitor when an emergency services monitor has 5 connectors and a hospital as 5+). I don't go calling that a technical health marvel by any stretch. But the legal answer is they are a company that has the right to retain ANY tech they want. The beauty of the free market and corp/business and intellectual prop law is that the business has rights to.

    You are acting very entitled to suggest that Apple should give up there flagship watch that they say sells "VERY WELL" and ONLY WORKS WITH OTHER APPLE PRODUCTS so you can have one with your android device… Do you see from a monetary perspective how that is business suicide?… Buy your own line you…

    You know what, I'm not going to sit here and explain corporate law or business economics 101 to someone who just wants an apple watch because "I believe they should". For a disclaimer, I have an apple watch. an Ipad Pro, an iPhone S, however, I wanted to switch to android and wanted to know if the watch would work with an android. Its how I found this video. I won't switch from apple because of that now, however, the reason for my switch is because of the insane price hike that Apple has taken in Australia. Its almost gone up almost by 20% across the board on every product. It's becoming insane.

    Apple will 100% suffer for the price they offer for there products, and for years I have wanted to buy a laptop but cannot justify the price when they use crappy tech in a thin overheating case. I have no problem shelling out +$5,000 for a product but it better be good and gives me the tools to fix it.

    In any case, I'm off the mark here. I think I have proven I am not a fanboy of apple. I love the products but hate the company. They need to shape up. They legally owe you nothing, not even if there is an ECG.

  5. I love apple. But the Google pixel 3 fit me the most. But there is no competition to the apple watch. It is by FAR the best

  6. Goes around bullshitting for 10 minutes. Answer is NO. android users cannot…. Jesus.

  7. Apple : "don't have a phone? Have an android phone? Nonsense. Buy an iPhone." => moar $$$. All iOS related business is built around making customers captive of the ecosystem. No need for a long video.

  8. Andy is 100% right. With the latest series 4 having ECG capabilities, it would make sense to have the watch open to all platforms. This could allow for a much broader base in heart and health studies to be conducted. Not everyone can afford an iPhone. Regardless, Apple can do whatever they want, but they could become the leaders in health tracking if they opened up at least this one platform.

  9. Tim Crook is not exactly in philanthropy business..neither was Steve Jobs.. they have sucked all of us in the iBlack hole ? from where there is no exit… At some point you may consider selling one of your kidneys to get a new iPhone ?

  10. It's unfortunate that on the WearOS (Google's watch platform) side of things, there's no compelling option that's good enough to rival the Apple Watch. It's feeling like Google doesn't even care to try to compete against the Apple Watch and give Android users like myself an equally amazing option to keep people from switching to iOS just to get the Apple Watch.

  11. As an Android user, I would definitely buy one if available.

  12. as an android phone user I agree. however, I only ask for an iPad app for the apple watch. THIS would be great and the game changer!! I don't see the big benefits of using an iPhones for me. fortunately, I have a busines iPhone so I can setup and configure my apple watch series 2 (BTW series 4 already ordered!) . for media consuming I use my iPads never a phone.

  13. What kind of bull crud entitlement that they should have to make something just because you think they should? It’s their ( Apple ) experience.

  14. Well, I guess we'll have to wait for android to catch up eventually!

  15. because Android is there competitor IDIOT!

  16. No. To have the best experience the Apple Watch owner should have an iPhone. Apple should not waste their time trying to work with android. End of story.

  17. I agree. I like them but I never bought one because I am an android user.

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