Looking at Smartwatches this holiday season. The question remains, should you buy one?

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Fossil Sport:
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Galaxy Watch:

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  1. At first I thought he said "Shit I buy"

  2. Galaxy watch is the best ?

  3. Wanted a Samsung for Christmas, got a Fossil, still happy! 🙂

  4. Just sent the galaxy watch back as no google pay. Can’t decide fossil gen5, LG sport or tic watch. Help!

  5. You’re cool as fuck

  6. Should i buy Fossil gen 5 or Samsung galaxy watch ?

  7. Can we view photos in fossil watch ??

  8. Lmfao. that intro >

  9. If both sucks how about buy a expensive toy watch much much better ????

  10. Love my galaxy watch active.. galaxy watch looks like an alarm clock on my wrist. It's light as air. Love Samsung!! ???

  11. 1 more generation of apple or galaxy watch… then i'll decide… apple must improve its battery… samsung should update its software…

  12. Nothing beats Samsung GW. Ever.

  13. I have the GalaxyWatch and I love it ❤️

  14. Your headphone wall is a beauty. First view and gave a sub

  15. Hey I am an iPhone user and I plan on buying a smartwatch but I want to switch to Android later
    Which smart watch should I buy?
    I might use the iPhone for another year or two so I would like a watch which works for both iOS and Android

  16. Am wearing my casio G-shock i haven't change battery for 3 years now i love it, and i only use my phone for something else hahahahahah

  17. 4 days battery life. Like wow. Just fucking wow. What dumb ass future have we ended up in. Hands up how many have their super smart watch sitting in the drawer? SMH

  18. "Should I buy a smart watch?"

    Maybe in your next video you can actually address this topic. Other wise one could just watch commercials for the watches featured here and get the same effect this video had.

  19. I have fossil store credits, I’m looking forward to buy a fossil smart watch now, which one to buy. I had a misfit vapor before, looking for something similar or more. Plz help

  20. Apple Watch wins again, health is the main concern for these babies

  21. It's a shame that you physically can't have an automatic hybrid smartwatch, the Sony wena strap is close, but it's not

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