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Is buying refurbished electronics a great way to save money, or a risky gamble on a mistreated gadget? Techquickie explains.

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  1. I bought a refurbished hp spectre x360, its good, only problem was a driver issue with sound but i fixed it then a couple months later the speakers blew but i plan on fixing that, but its alright

  2. what is that video from of the guy dropping the laptop at the presentation? Looked funny, would like to see the original.

  3. What I want to know , is there a best time of year to by refurbished like there is to buy new ? Do refurbished items ever get discounted like new items do ?

  4. Finding a usable STD pic was likely a challenge.

  5. Rumor is frys electronic sells nothing but refurbished electronics.

  6. My experience with refurbished electronics have been good. But I do my homework on reputation of seller and same items other people purchased before making a purchase. I usually wait a few days and carefully do my homework. Bought 3 2014 MacBook air refurb. Still runs like champs today. Nothing wrong. These were refurb by a independent shop. Saved a ton of $$$.

  7. I bought a refurbished laptop on eBay.. it was a frankenlaptop. It works but after a while not too good. The stickers with numbers on the back didn't match what was on there board and the serial didn't match the specs listed on the website.. lucky it was real cheap

  8. My wife’s dildo is factory refurbished. No complaints.

  9. My first laptop was manufactured in 2011, bought it in 2016, still have it today. I did upgrade the RAM and put in a SSD.

  10. Why u are thinking a examer from local store will exam it?
    Factory warranty is fine.

  11. What about computer viruses???

  12. I bought one dell and one HP refurbished desktop pc. Best purchases I have ever made. Amazing computers with İ5 8 gb ram 240 gb ssd original Windows 10 etc. And paid only 100 bucks for the İ5 hp ?

  13. Every time I hear one of the ad transitions I get whiplash

  14. Bought my ps4 refurbish was brand new when i got it

  15. I have only bought one refurbished electronic device, a Nikon camera, five years ago. It works great, though I don’t use it as much as I used to since I always have a camera almost as good on my smart phone. However, if I know I need a better zoom than my phone camera, my Nikon comes with me. When I take a trip anywhere, my Nikon is always in my bag with my other electronics.

  16. I wouldn't buy a used computer or a used mattress, and for the same reason. You don't know who has been on it and what they've done there.

  17. Your intro said “Electonics”

  18. Reduces waste as well.

  19. Rossman!!!!! Didn't expect a collab, don't know why. I'll just be watching that video real quick

  20. I fear that discount stores that sell refurbished products do the following. The sell a product. It gets returned. They then slap the label "refurbished" on the product and sell it again. It gets returned. They then relist the product and sell it again. They repeat the process until someone doesn't return the product.
    Because of this practice, one should never buy refurbished from a discount store because there is a high chance that the product is actually broken. If you do buy refurbished from a discount site, you should be prepared to send back the product so that you aren't the sucker who gets saddled with the broken product.

  21. he finally changed his intro in techquickie

  22. I have been using or purchasing refurbished laptops from dell many a times. But i had many instances when i have to use warrenty to get it fixed. So, only buu refurbished when you habe time to get any issue fixwd in uts warrenty period. Never buy without at least 6 months warrenty

  23. All refurbished i bought frm ebay didn't work right after a couple months(laptop/roomba/iphone)

  24. I got refurbished PC 2 years ago, but still works in this day.

  25. I ordered a refurbished iphone 6S, it's arriving tomorrow. Hope it's good.

  26. watching this on my tablet whilst my gaming pc does security updates

  27. "Minor Scratch, Still Usable"

  28. I see an ad on eBay that is selling a refurb razor laptop, and it doesn’t show the seller, is it from the company or a random seller?

  29. Bought a seller refurbished galaxy s9 for $209….. mistake?

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  31. love this thumbnails

  32. Keep in mind there is manufacturer refurbished & vendor refurbished. Manufacturer (MFG) refurbished is probably going to have Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or at least a large stock of new replacement parts in stock while a small vendor might just have whatever is available or a limited quantity of replacement parts. MFGs or large vendors like eBay or Amazon can afford to put good warranties on the devices as well. I've bought almost all my tablets & smartphones refurbished with good results after carefully shopping around keeping in mind the device's advertised condition, battery health, warranty period & limitations, as well as who refurbished it. I've purchased for myself & family members an iPad Air, iPad Mini from & iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, from eBay have all been in excellent condition with great warranty. I did get an iPhone X from Amazon but it had a scratch I couldn't handle, but Amazon had a good return policy & took it back within 90 days, no questions asked.

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