Today, we try gaming headsets used by pro gamers in Fortnite: Shroud’s headset Vs. Dr DisRespect’s headset. Which one’s the best buy? Can one help you get better at Fortnite?

Full Fortnite gameplay on our gaming channel:

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Gaming Headset:

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset:

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  1. So the hyperX is the best headset in the market?
    if no, can you please tell me what's the best headset to buy?

  2. Just bought the HyperX

  3. This channel should have more than 3 mil subs

  4. Hahahha for a nice car more like car that you can afford?

  5. is this gamer's rage proof??

  6. Hyper x is best headset comfortable and you can hear things ppppppeeeeerrrefffereectloy

  7. Got my hyper x flights for 100$ before i watched this video and they are highly recomended.

  8. Can I use these on a PS4 Pro?

  9. It’s a gaming keyboard

  10. Can’t y’all review the ROCCAT Vulcan 100

  11. I have better gear. Hyperx Cloud Alphas with a MixAmp Pro

  12. These people are so obsessed with csgo ugh

  13. Can you make a video with the steeseries arctis 7 vs hyper x cloud flight

  14. how about vibration of both the shroud's and doc's headset?

  15. Do the A10 gameing head set

  16. I have a headset similar to the turtle beach one. The quality for everything is really good but I never use the super human hearing because some things are too loud and some too quiet with it.
    Sound quality is great, the mic is great, it’s comfy and the noise cancellation is insane, I barely hear anything outside my headset

  17. Wireless headphones are okay but add in a microphone and now you are wearing a microwave transmitter within an inch of your brain. Use wired and just get in the habit of taking them off before you stand up. Play for a couple hours a week, not a huge problem. If you are a streamer though, go wired.

  18. If I get Shroud’s headphones, do I get his aim

  19. doc is always complaining about audio so i guess you should get the turtle beaches

  20. My stealth 700 broke in 2 weeks.
    My hyper x is still going since 2017

  21. One of u really sound like the doc

  22. wireless headsets are a joke the sound is so fake and crap, to get full use of a headset you need to plug them into a decent soundcardwhich will transform them more then u could ever expect. like going from windows xp (wireless) to windows 10 (plugged into a soundcard). it really is a huge difference

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