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  1. 10AM: Should I start editing photos on the iPad?

    11:30AM: Mobile editing mastery achieved

  2. This is such a mood for photographers ?

  3. first I thought it was an over head camera setup. later I realized, nope, it's recorded screen on some still image of the iPad. After Effects doing its job there ?

  4. A little too egocentric for my taste, the whole concept of it.but such a nice production

  5. I use my Galaxy Note as a mobile editing station. Having the cloud synced between that and my overkill home rig (Gaming Rig turned Media Creating Rig), I can usually bring nothing but my mini camera bag/phone/headphones and require nothing else for a solid day out! However the iPad and other tablets have the benefits of more comprehensive editing software so you can only get away with so much on a handheld device.

    Those look fantastic Peter.

  6. Music piece: Chanson de Matin ~ Elgar

  7. Anyone knows how to show the ipad screen like that way?

  8. Great music choice Pete

  9. Please make more of these videos. I watched it 3 times. So relaxing and also nice to see how some one else edits.

  10. I have never felt so relaxed watching a video of someone editing photos lol. I absolutely love this!

  11. Question please don't mock me, can I successfully edit photos with a regular iPad 7 gen 32 gig or is the Pro the absolute only way

  12. Peter: yeah bring highlights down …. ok just slap a preset on

  13. MKBHD should reply instead:


  14. The bubbles are blue but Marques has an android phone

  15. 'Listen to silence. It has so much to say…'

  16. That was very peaceful…..

  17. How can I get your lightroom creation pack on a iPad Pro 2018, without a computer or laptop?

  18. Subscribed when I saw mkbhd, liked when I saw how peaceful the video was. Getting me an iPad pro 11, I currently have a surface pro 5 and I'm either thinking about replacing that with the i5 surface book. I think that would be a good set-up.

  19. If we purchase one of your presets would it work on the iPad as well?

  20. This is so therapeutic lol

  21. Awesome video! It's so relaxing

  22. Were these edited in RAW?? Can iPads do that??

  23. I could watch that for hours… but I have to start with editing my fotos

  24. I slept ??‍♂️

  25. Thanks a lot Pete… Just tell me what is going on your mind while you are polishing these pics. Congratulations.
    Well done!

  26. One of the best videos I have watched of Peter, he should make this a series. It was just awesome.

  27. Can someone tell me what this song is?

  28. In Lightroom mobile, I just feel the missing of the brushes tho :/ otherwise it will be awesome…

  29. i did not know i could watch a video of a man editing without a word for ten minutes straight.

    This video was a revelation; in many ways.

  30. i feel my food taste better when im eating with this video

  31. learned a lot in this video. I personally am a visual learner. and watching you edit your photos gave me oohs and ahhs in my mind. I understand a little bit more now, how a person can stand and stare at a painting seemingly lost, but watching this video gave me a different perspective on things. thank you.

  32. oh my God this is incredible.
    I’ve been close to unsubscribe because you’re very hyper maniac OCD. But this video is beautiful and relaxing. Thank you ?

  33. Helppp Peterrr! I got the EOS 90D and I cant seem to get some things down. When I take a picture with a bright(ish) background the subject is darkened ?

  34. This is the opposite of ASMR. Still loved it though. Do more!

  35. I need to get both the app and iPad. Omg . I've heard so many wondeful things about them. Plus, seeing how quick and simple editting photos makez it more place a greater demand to purchase.

  36. LOL, why is this so therapeutic?

  37. This video legit made me buy an ipad pro.

  38. What app are you using

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