The best of smartphones in 2019!

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Top Big Phones [0:51]
Best Compact Phones [2:50]
Best Cameras [4:53]
Best Battery Life [7:28]
The Design Award [9:42]
Top Budget Phones [12:03]
Biggest Bust [15:11]
Most Improved [18:23]
MVP [20:47]

Asus ROG Phone II Review:
Galaxy S10E Review:
iPhone 11 Pro Review:
Samsung Galaxy Fold Review:

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  1. I dont think that K20 pro and Pixel 3a are budget

  2. The moment he said bust of the year, I remembered his disappointed voice when he was reviewing pixel 4 ?

  3. Rog phone 2 winning 3 awards , a phone people can afford ?

  4. What is the name of the app he is using at 1:39?

  5. Did Sony get any coverage this year?

  6. why are you negro?

  7. Well I don't understand the concept of gaming phones it's stupidity to make an overall gaming phone….

  8. For me the best phone was the Nexus 6. If it was a 128 gigabytes model and able to update to Android 9 and beyond.
    Now after going with a few
    high/mid range phones. My last phone was the Sony xperia xa2 ultra that started to get really hot lately I switched to a Nokia 7.2 TA-1178.
    Screen definition is good enough for me.
    Speed is good enough for me.
    Camera is good enough for me.
    But what I was after was memory and 128 gigabytes plus SD card slot is a bonus.
    I still have my Motorola moto z3 play that screen cracked after 1 week of use that I haven't found a screen that last…

  9. Very glad there's no music to this since i'm listening to some good stuff while listening to this. (sounds bad at first, but i mean it as a compliment)

  10. I think that google at start a was really interested in releasing phones and creating hype but nowadays that just do it because they have to it

  11. Yh you should send me one of those…

  12. This called me broke in every language

  13. Say of more start Lok up Xperia1 and 5 band use them PS4 consol own have a PS4 gaming mobile with you pair hand control and can stream PS4PRO game to any TV screen wherever you are say Xperia1 get PS4PRO with 4KHDR zoled screen do Awsome and camera kick ass but need use See What Gear game test Xperia5 and will see that. Get not all screen inside Note 10 but Xperia5 get all screen so are asphalt Don't Xperia1 Mark2 have Call of Duty instal and be PS4 and be 5 are Xperia1 any and you not test those seven if have Highend everything but say like gaming Xperia5 are no other deliver that power and screen and so smart are best Mobile I ever own is Xperia1 no other can get this and Xperia5 second my son like 5 more he have it ssi X1000m3 ger 5.1 in wireless gaming sound are Way over rest and music sound best and without cable .
    Xperia1 Mark2 have 3.5 headphen Bach have 4KHDR Oled 21/9 have Call of Duty are Snapdragon 865 processor and so on have Ziess Lenses are look up Sony Be mobiles will Be Best mobile ever build are camera Fucus seek 69 picture in wmsc have eye focus humans and animals are fastest focus and 70mm wide are like get Powerststion it will be PS5 also be Xperia1 and 5 so are 4000mhs
    Budget Xperia11 get Fullhd Oled screen 3 lmle s camera back so get more in all .

    In summer will compact 5Mark2 and 7t vmwii be Call of Duty on also but not come in spring but get best ever mobile say get it also in Xperia 5 get Sony's 950 Xbass headphones in buy ?

  14. The iPhone should have won

  15. Watching on my McLaren

  16. basically rog phone 2 is the billie eilish of the smartphones

  17. Watching it on my Asus rog phone 2 <3
    Pure gem <3

  18. That's a lot of phone just for one person hahahab

  19. Best smartphone camera: iPhone 11 Pro

    iPhone 11 Pro: Has the same camera features as gal note10+

    Gal note10+: infuriated silence

  20. It appears u and I have diffurnt ideas of what "budget" means. $400? Value, maybe…budget? Nope.

  21. Where is galaxy s10?

  22. This video is proof that the American market no longer leads the international market

  23. Me:Sweating because my phone has not come up yet.

  24. If coronavirus becomes serious, which it most certainly is, and I survive this–I will look for android developers.

  25. i wish huawie p30 p was included

  26. Runner up for most improved: IPhone. What the fuck.

  27. IPhone pro 11 has best camera in 2019

    2020 samsung galaxy s20 "im gonna end this guys whole career.

  28. Thanks for that overview

  29. if you’re a big fan of MKBHD, you saw at least half of these coming

  30. OnePlus on a 2yr winning streak ?
    (watching on my OnePlus 7 Pro)

  31. DESCRIPTION: "Top Budget Phones [12:03]"
    Timestamp's first phrase: "Samsung Galaxy Fold"
    Me: Bruhhhhh *wheeeze*
    Hotel: Trivago

  32. Its very sad that real me x2 pro couldnt made it to this list…

  33. Where the fuck is Samsung s10+

  34. marc ass brownie

  35. Please review the Sony Xperia 1 Mark ii…And compared it with other flagships

  36. S20 Ultra for 2020 ?

  37. I think the Samsung 10 line are the most beautiful smartphones? But I still can't decide between S10+ and Note10+?

  38. He's just sitting there with 25.000$ in front of him?

  39. i really want to get s10e

  40. the fastes charging phone is realme x2 pro

  41. the mate 30 pro desrves its own review. mate 30 pro is the best flagship phone that you would'nt buy because of lacks of google play services but specs are overclocked

  42. Was hoping he would mention how the Pixel 4 lost in benchmark tests to the Pixel 3.

  43. Atleast their should be an award for Samsung S10 plus and HUAWEI P30 pro.

  44. MKBHD : Calling redmi k20 pro a budget phone

    Meanwhile me: using redmi 8a

  45. That is the most expensive table I've ever seen

  46. "This is a suggestion I gave to them from the first one," was that a slip of the tongue?

  47. Should have called it brownies, like oscars

  48. One Plus on my eyes.. I already love with one plus anyway..

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