Chris Hadnagy, Chief Human Hacker, Social-Engineer, Inc.

Michele Fincher, Chief Influencing Agent, Social-Engineer, Inc.

Is social engineering (SE) the most dangerous security threat to your business? The Social-Engineer team will analyze current trends in social engineering through the official (and unofficial) results from the DefCon 21 Social Engineering Capture the Flag event. They will reveal how these attacks work, the latest social engineering research and how to use this…

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  1. Fire those who fail a social engineering pen test? I almost get fired for succeeding. Not joking.

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  3. Anarchy fun Phreaking

  4. Phone P Proof Phreaking0
    Anarchy P

  5. I think this is better than the HOPE series..

  6. Great job with two Speaker.
    Difficult and Not usually done well

  7. Somehow I missed this conference.  I thought my registration went through and I was going to get notified.  All due to server error, how ironic. 

    Maybe you guys can cut me a break on the Asia conference?  And while I'm pushing my luck, I could use some help with airfare too since I'm in the U.S. and was unprepared to incur such an expense. 

    God Bless

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