A few weeks ago I embarked on an adventure to make it possible for me to use an iPad as a dev machine for my job. Today, I finally show you how to do it. It uses an EC2 backend server to host the code and makes use of Blinkshell and Coda from Panic. In the end, I can edit code, commit it and submit PRs.

There are a lot more questions to answer, but that’s for another video.

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  1. Can i install java?

  2. Interesting.. though I'd rather just take a chromebook to do that. But if you have an iPad and not a chromebook, then yeah, it would definitely work well for that. I've actually used my phone running teamviewer to do a quick code fix remote and push to the server when there was a problem in one of our production environments that needed fixed ASAP while I was on vacation.

  3. why the hell do you think music is required? you're TALKING. do any of you oddball youtubers ever go to talks? did you notice the distinct ABSENCE of background music when your school or uni professors were talking? No… thought not.

  4. Can you engineer the music volume a little lower bro

  5. are you using ipad 6th?

  6. Why not use it to remotely control your laptop or desktop with team viewer or similar apps? Wouldn't that work great?

  7. For Python, there is Pythonista. Working Copy is a very powerful Git app. I personally could do everything I need if Bare Bones would make an iPad version of BBEdit.

  8. The background music is a tiny bit too loud.

  9. What do you think about the 2018 iPad Pro? 10.2 inch 😉

  10. Don't waste much of your time, I guarantee you 100% problem solved for your gadgets software. On instagram, add up @cyber_sailor

  11. amazing, now im gonna add jupyter notebook to it bwahahaha with java kernel and c++ kernel.

  12. Just read your article last night, now I am watching this. I think there will be some limitations, however there is a lot of promise. This is great though. Thank you, Michael Rollins!

  13. What do you think about the new ipad mini 5 with an a12 chip……..?

  14. I want to learn Python and Data Science is Ipad for me?

  15. Can it work on iPad 2018 9.7 inch

  16. just get a surface pro

  17. How the hell can you write code with a touch keyboard ?

  18. This looks possible, but it does not look pragmatic at all. If you can develop on an ipad that's great. But I'll stick to my lapton 😛

  19. Great video! that is really cool 🙂

  20. This is really cool!!! Thank you!!!

  21. For JavaScript try CodeSandbox, seems very good so far, I haven't tried yet.

  22. Wow.. it's AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

  23. If the iPad just had mouse support you could RDP / VNC into your machine back at home or in the cloud comfortably. Shame that hasn’t so far happened.

  24. I like the fact your so humble and you know peter 😀 I've watching peter since he started and I can see a very big community for you here too 🙂 keep it up

  25. Just leave the ball alone

  26. High Quality Video, great! You should have more follwer!!

  27. God dammit 30 euro for the apps

  28. Can I do c++ programming on the iPad pro

  29. The amount of work around is so off putting. But how does this compare with an Android tablet (surely which gives you more processing for same Apple price)? Or maybe is it an ARM chip limitation, i.e. cannot compile c/c++?

  30. So can I compile C/python code? Is there any way to do that? Any ide for ios or just "editor" do the highlighting job?

  31. Can you work with frameworks like Angular or react.js?

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