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Add another truly wireless headphone to the growing list of AirPods competitors.

Top 5 alternatives to AirPods:
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  1. Is it totally or true wireless stereo (tws)?

  2. I just saw this in a ross for 40. Should I buy them?

  3. Audiophiles are a cancer to the earphone community.

  4. Mine do not pair with each other????

  5. are they good or they keep falling out

  6. They sound great but they have issues like the right speaker they stop working after 1 month of use. I already mailed it to the manufacturers in exchange for a new one. I do hope the new one will be okay.

  7. They keep fallin out

  8. All sol republic bluetooth must have that video bluetooth delay. I had the relays sport wired which were my favorite workout music transmitters because they were the only ones that wouldn't fall out of my ears until I bought the bluetooth relays. Fix it @solrepublic and you'll be back to being my favorite product

  9. Can you skip songs as well as play pause?

  10. just got these and I love them. the sound is great, lots of bass. the trick is to find the right ear tip for a tight fit.

  11. Plot twist, you lose one after a few days

  12. after you reviewed the bragi headphone would you say these are better

  13. Just got mine and I have to say these are the best sounding earbuds I've ever had. The sound is incredible. They fit very well and the build quality is top notch. Very impressed. I've been looking at all of the options for truly wired less and I have to say these have pleasantly surprised me. And the bass. Wow the bass sounds good. Nice work Sol Republic. Definitely recommending these.

  14. Having sol love there sound

  15. I just got mine and they are AMAZING!

  16. Sorry…but they're terrible. They look like they'd be great…but the sound has heavy treble and it disconnects often from my iPhone 7 Plus. The feel is great…

    They're going back to Best Buy tomorrow. Waiting to see how the AirPods will be.

  17. that's nasty! cnet folks don't clean the earbuds before filming it

  18. Can you just use one and if that one dies pop that one in and switch to the other?

  19. Will there be a review on the new Bose Soundlink color 2?

  20. i would use them.. to clean the wax out of my ears… i mean camon!! 180 for this build quality?

  21. Everyone was hating on the airpods at first but tbh it's way better than any of the other similar headphones that have been announced. The design isn't too bad, it has pretty good battery life, it is cheaper than most of the others, and it actually has some pretty innovative tech!

  22. The silicone ear pieces look like the cheap, badly manufactured kind. I have six different Sol Republic audio equip – none are the best sounding, comfortably designed, or loudest to me; none are in the proximity of audiophile sounds for those consumers. Regardless, I want to try these earphones.

  23. The case seems more beneficial.

  24. 180? And lag ? awesome

  25. Looks cheap. Especially the case.

  26. too bad their customer service is trash

  27. Is the cord (or band) between regular earbuds really that big of a problem for people? I don't even notice it.

  28. Looks cool, and that's it :/

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