Wait, whuttt are Kim and Sonia doing?! Can you do better?
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy to win yourself a Fitbit wristband or a GoPro camera!

All you have to do is show your creativity & mimic one or more of the emojis, upload the selfie or video onto any social media platform/s with #BetterInternetSG & make sure your post is set to public.

Just coz 987 is awesome like dat, we’ll give a pair of LITTLE MIX tickets to the entry we find most creative! Include #BetterInternetSG & #987emojiface…

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  1. they both look alike!

  2. everyone is staring at them lol

  3. sorry it is my uncle he works at RP

  4. my friend was at the libary and she told me the next day i saw kim and soina and they both were siao!

  5. Sonia and Kim looks so cheeky and cute in this video!

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