Customize your music with Sony | Headphones Connect. Everyday music becomes even more enjoyable with easy controls. It enables listeners to emulate different listening experiences: Arena, Club, Concert Hall, and Outdoor Stage. You can also adjust the bass levels to suit your personal preference. Even music on streaming services are customizable.
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  1. Can anyone tell me why it's not working on WI C200?

  2. How the app works???? How many comments do you need SONY to fix this app.

  3. This app is useless, you cannot connect your headphones. A shame Sony does not fix this, since their headphones are not the cheapest on the market.

  4. What headphones can yo connect to this app

  5. Can it connect to xb950bt? Mine couldn't

  6. I am not able to connect my sony WH-CH500 headphone with this app

  7. Can you control the bass to be less heavy than the headphone has originally

  8. Can't connect to my WI-C200 despite that it's connected to my phone already…

  9. This app is beyond useless. And Sony doesn't seem to want to giver real support or feedback.

  10. the app works fine for me, but I thought it would save the configs ON the headphone, and wherever I listen to, the equalizer that I configured would continuing working. But looks like this is not possible

  11. so these settings only apply if you are listening sound from your mobile device? so if the headphones are paired with my laptop, all of this is useless? really?

  12. Very
    Useless videos chyh…

  13. Question: In using the Sony Connect app, when NC is on, and one slides the slider to some in-between setting (I'm using WF 1000xm3), what is the "Focus On Voice" checkbox for? Is it to allow voice frequencies to pass through more easily ? Or to block the range of frequencies associated with voice for better NC in say a coffee shop environment ? It's pretty ambiguous to me … bad GUI design, I'd re-design that so that people do not have to ask the question … but for me, I'm asking as I do not know whether I would want this checked, or unchecked.

  14. This app doesn't work!


  15. Not work on on my mdr-750bt

  16. it says device connect but then doesent appear

  17. Does the app works even when the phones are connected W with cable and not bluetooth activated?

  18. why there is no such app for windows 10 ?

  19. Im using hear on 2 and xperia z5 p. still,i can't connect my headphones to the application. Sony please help me

  20. Is there a list of all compatible devices? I´m looking for in-ear headphones from Sony and want to use this app. For example, do the Sony MDR-XB50BS work?

  21. This app is useless.

  22. is it possible to do this with a mac ?

  23. various information about you and your interactions (collectively, the “Personal Information”) collected automatically when you use the Application.

    (i) Information about your device on which the Application is installed and component parts thereof:

    – device ID which is to be allocated automatically, Google Advertising ID (if you use an Android based device), product type, manufacturer name, and model name;

    – Operating System and Operating System version;

    – language code, country or region, time zone; and

    – operational status of your device and component part (e.g. sensors and display) thereof;

    Basically agreeing to the terms of conditions grants Sony access to your sensors meaning that they can use your camera to spy on you. I therfore decided not to use this application

  24. If I am listening through Macbook (OS), how I can use the equalizer if the app only for iOS? this is very very strange for the device with such a high price!

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