The Steelseries Arctis line of gaming headsets have nee some of the most requested headsets on this channel I hadn’t had the chance to try them out until recently. I decided to start with the cheapest and maybe work my way up. These things fall into the same price range as the Astro A10 and the HyperX Cloud Stingers. Are they as good?

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  1. For ps4 which should I get? Arctis 5 or 3?

  2. Astro A10 or SteelSeries artics 3 for PS4?

  3. I just got this headset from best buy, sound quality is great, comfort is great, but the microphone is damn trash, im trying to configure it right now, and i cant tell if yours is the same or better than mine in your mic test. Mine is extremely quiet and weak, and my friends said even when it does pick up my voice theres a ton of white noise, not happy with this supposed "best microphone in gaming"

  4. I’m split between the Astro A10 and the SteelSeries Arctis 3

  5. the a10 mic is mind blowing

  6. I'm having an issue with this headset's microphone. I've fiddled around in system and game settings but there's just a lot of background static I don't know how to get rid of. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

  7. Man you don't know how to review and unboxing..plz learn first…your camera is not still on the object which is you reviewed…it is so irritating

  8. why does the video quality always go down with the mic testing

  9. The a10s break really fast mine makes an awful noise for everyone else in my party

  10. super late but how the fuck does his arctic 3 sound way better than mine like the fuck i got so much noise in mine

  11. tomuch alia music

  12. I got mine and people are saying that it sounds like something is covering my mic plz respond ASAP

  13. i have the Turtle Beach XO One for XB1 and it comes with a Headset Audio Controller that you can Mute Mic and change volume of Game and Party chat and has Mic Monitoring and Bass Boost, is it good to buy this because it looks cool and all?!

  14. But this headset over artis 7 headset

  15. I love your mic! Liked and subbed.

  16. I use earbuds lol I need a headset

  17. I honestly hated the a10s. They hurt my head and the mic broke within the first week

  18. Your channel name is kind of boomer and cringy so bad first impression but the video overall was actually nice, i got everything i needed to know and make a decision. I am looking for that crisp gaming sound so i'll pass these.

  19. Headset mic sounds better than his desk mic

  20. Do your ears touch the inside?

  21. How good is the Arctis 3 Bluetooth?

  22. I have these for xbox one x/pc on pc I have to use a volume booster. But I did also on my shitty bee x15s that cost 20$ I got these on Amazon (2019 edition) for like 28-30$ usd. I think that's a great deal. Plenty of volume and infact to loud on xbox which is weird also the surround sound is amazing but I'm not sure if it's better than my old pair of x11's turtle beaches so all in all of you can get these for less than 30$ fuck ya

  23. Sucks only had sound in the right ear for ps4 it’s a joke

  24. I just bought it it’s really good but it gets too hot

  25. Anyone else having mic problems with the 2019 edition? Somehow the mic volume is REALLY FCKIN low and i have no clue how to fix it. It's set to 48000hz and +20db boost, and still it's really silent. This really annoys me when gaming with friends, as they can't hear me as well

  26. I'm looking for a good pair of headphones that I can use all around. I rarely play online multiplayer, but wanted to have something I could use to play without disturbing others at night, but also use them as my daily headphones for my phone and for a little music producing on my laptop. I'm considering the Arctis 3 Bluetooth. Any thoughts on those?

  27. arctis 3 or corsair HS70 in terms of only sound quality.?

  28. pls help me, arctis 3 or Sennheiser GSP 303?

  29. Im finally getting these so i can finally respond to that one 9 year old who always asks "does anyone have a mic? Just me? Ok" and talks to himself throughout the whole game.

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