HDMI Cable / HDTV Adapter FOR IOS 10 9 8

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  1. 画面ミラーリングを切ってしまったら繋がらなくなってしまったんですがどうしたらいいでしょうか。

  2. Im bout to break this freaking devices i swear

  3. How i can upgrade this to work with ios 12

  4. funciona en iOS 11??? se queda congelado a los pocos segundos!!

  5. My phone can't support

  6. Mine working for about 5 minutes then stopped wtf

  7. Hello I'm with a SGLINK – D9110610 Version: 4.10.00 with a iphone 6S+ IOS11.4, nothing is working. I couldn't create a link via sharing network, nothing happen… could you help? Regards.

  8. Sound works but doesn’t show up on my screen

  9. Do it work whit ios 11?

  10. Doesn't this consume a lot of data!?

  11. İt doesn't work to me My ıos 10.3.3

  12. I don't have hotspot

  13. It doesn't work for me, my iPhone is on iOS 10.3.1 and it doesn't

  14. Can you please help me with my problem -> http://sendvid.com/anqnk8qt ? Thanks. (iP7, iOS 10.2)

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