Switching to a WearOS watch was a smart move. With the Fossil Gen 5 being more compatible is a key factor, but Samsung watches are still great… Watch and see why I made the switch!

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  1. Purchase Active 2 to pair with my Google Pixel phone and experienced exactly what you describe. Why isn't this information talked about more widely ? I even called Samsung and they didn't know messages couldn't be accessed if not used with a Samsung phone. Returned Active 2 and got Wear OS.

  2. Thank you! Not having Google Pay is a deal breaker as Samsung Pay has very poor bank support in Canada. Just bought a Fossil Gen 5 for my SG10e.

  3. Does fossil gen 5 have a gallery app? can i see pics on it?

  4. CANNOT WAIT to get mine!! Fossil Sport WearOS has a huge sale right now! Thanks again for the video, really helped me decide.

  5. I own wear 2.0 watch and missing hourly chime with computer sounds. So i build my own app.


    Have Fun 😉

  6. I think Wear OS is generally better than Tizen (my oppinion) even on a Samsung device.

  7. Got rid of my Gear S3 for all the reasons you mentioned, now rocking Wear OS which I much prefer.

  8. I just ordered couple of hours ago a gen 5, i like more the hardware and overall design and size of active 2 but i have a OnePlus 7 Pro and i use Google services. Thanks for telling me i made the right decision. I don't need gps, I don't do fitness. I just need this watch for time (obviously), notifications, alarm, making calls when I'm driving with Google assistant, etc. For the moment i have Amazfit Bip, I will miss 22 days battery life. ?

  9. How's the battery life on the Gen 5?

  10. Can I reply txt from my fossil Gen 5 ( I’m using a iPhone 11)

  11. Thank you! I was looking for exactly this information!

  12. Hey there great video,m still torn btwn watch active 2 and fossil gen 5. Just have couple of questions,what is your wrist size!? What was dimension of ur watch active 2 !? Cause I think 44mm gonna look huge on my wrist.
    PS:- I am leaning more towards watch active 2.?

  13. There is a new update for the active so you can use the digital bezel!

  14. Awesome and crispy video. Kudos

  15. Great video! Great real world comparison.

  16. Thanks, underrated channel!

  17. Great review cheers. Subscribed.

  18. This was great information, I personally have never had anything other than an iPhone so it makes total sense when you combine the same company with its wearable devices. They do that in snowboarding too, if you buy a burton snowboarding jacket, the pants will zip into each other way easier and it'll be more comfortable if you had mismatched your clothing. LOL I dunno it was a good review, I would like to see numbers and names on the screen, I was getting a little confused on what was which. Great job

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