So, what is a computer these days? It’s a good question when you consider how powerful some tablets have gotten, and when you see laptops with touchscreens and stylus pens. Senior Editor Lauren Goode makes an argument for why things like tactile keys and desktop software still matter. Subscribe:

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  1. I've got my powerful note 9 and a gaming laptop that can do literally almost everything but am deciding wether to get a tablet for convenient use of portable laptop style of working.

    I find this video literally no substance of content in helping me decide anything. Just 2 drama queens yapping over which was better in the most bias way possible. Wasted time watching, wasted time writing this.

  2. Tablets are fine for people who only use facebook and watch cat videos on youtube. To do real work, you gotta have a laptop/desktop computer.

  3. Surface Pros exist for a reason. To be a tablet and a laptop.

  4. It's easier if you have money to buy both

  5. Other than the OS, these 2 are pretty similar. The surface is a 2 in 1…

  6. It depends what you want to do. My old MacBook is basically just an iPad with a bigger non-touch screen. I just use it for consuming content and sometimes I use it to code light stuff like C++ or swift without GUI.
    Technically I can do all of that on a jailbroken iPad. (Gotta run GCC somehow.)

  7. I love the debate but in the long run the 2 items are important and can contribute on your daily productivity it's on your hands on how you can use it smartly.

  8. Try a hybrid like the surface book/pro or the samsung tab series

  9. Just get a surface pro 7, its both a tablet and laptop.

  10. There's Ultrabooks nowadays under 1.2kg and they are way cheaper than a premium tablet.
    A tablet is a tablet, and they are awesome. why apple tries to market the iPad pro as a computer?. You can still use a 10 years old laptop with windows 10 and getting all the updates but you can't even use a 5 years old tablet.

  11. Surface 3 + K400 bluetooth keyboard +Wireless Mouse + Min-USB hub + Xbox Controller = everything you need for under $400. Sure not the best – but has portability + Productivity+ gaming.

  12. TBH, Laptops and tablets are two diffrent thing!

  13. So I am wondering… laptop or tablet?
    I have a hp pavilion x360 that is getting old. I am in high school, I would use it for notes, drawing, playing games (not high graphic) and media. I wouldn’t mind surface if Samsung tab

  14. Damn, would love to have a 3some with both of them.

  15. Who is here thinking which one to get for Christmas????

  16. I've been starting to think about this, currently my laptop charger is busted so I gotta buy a new one which means I haven't been using my laptop lately, only my phone, and for everything I do it can be done on my phone, apart from plugging my portable hard drive in.

    If you have an android phone it's even better because there's more customisation and freedom in the software and what you can do on and offline. The ability to download anything and everything onto your android phone and use a file system like windows is a huge advantage compared to an iPhone or iPad.

  17. We all know smartphones beat tablets and laptops any day of the week

  18. What a meaningless video :))

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