Test Game PUBG Mobile On Apple iPad Air 3 2019 Max Settings
–Apple A12 Bionic, LED backlit LCD, 10.5″, 3Gb Ram, 64Gb Rom, 32.9 Wh —
Have Fun.
Test Game Fortnite On Apple iPad Air 3 2019 60FPS:

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  1. İpad air 3 critical ops test please come

  2. Will it work on iPad mini 3??

  3. Dives bagus main begitu

  4. You a stupid dog sooooooo noooooobbbbbb

  5. Đéo chơi đc thì đừng có chơi thằng ngu ạ
    T ns thẳng nhìn m chơi ngứa mắt vãi lồn

  6. please give me this I pad cause I am a conqueror player and I want to start youtube please help

  7. Im going to buy this ipad after few days, what is the best colour for this tablet??

  8. 4 finger mai khal

  9. what is its stroage 32 or 128

  10. Check out my insane iPhone 5s gametest – pubgmobile

  11. Plzz do in iPad mini 4

  12. did you mean 2020?

  13. why there is no extreme option when this ipad have A12 bionic chip

  14. So big, not suitable for gaming

    Go for ipad mini 5

  15. Круто? iPad стоит своих денег?

  16. Prueba el xiaomi mi 9t pro

  17. U got top tech… Always

  18. Pubg mobile Best gamers tablet ???

  19. Test Fortnite on Samsung j6

  20. Lmao literally every single comments cant even spell right

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