Best laptops for engineering students in 2020
Acer Aspire VX15 :
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro :
Microsoft Surface Book 2 :
Acer Predator Helios 300 :
Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ 2019 :
Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (2018) :

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  1. Many people in the comments are asking why engineering students need gaming laptops. The answer is simple: dedicated graphics. You don't need a 1070 or something in the laptop, but dedicated graphics leads to higher productivity. Things actually render faster especially in CAD software. It doesn't have to be a "gaming" laptop, but more laptops with dedicated graphics are labeled as such. Also, many college engineering programs highly recommend this. To prove so, here is a link to University of California, Riverside 's opinion on this matter.

  2. What about electrical engineering laptop? What's the best recommend for it?

  3. Ok i understand you talk about gaming because of GPU, but why didn't you talk abou CAD, CAE and CAM performance on those laptops?

  4. I am an ece student and I bought on Black Friday the hp gaming laptop 15-dk0031nv for 800€ with intel i7 9th gen, 512 M2SSD, 32gb RAM (yes amazing) and GTX 1050 4GB graphics. I think for these money it was the best laptop i could buy.

  5. samsung flash has good looks but a celeron processor for $1040 ewww

  6. Ok not sure which engineering student is using a Intel celeron

  7. Where are the Lenovo?
    The best of all time

  8. I am a 13 year old in middle school who has 500$ and strict parents that are Asian and want me to be a engineering or a doctor and I hate both of those, these laptops are nice tho

  9. Title: Best Laptops for Engineering Students
    Video: Let's introduce a laptop for hardcore gamers

  10. This video is complete trash. I recommend a Quadro Card as most Applications you will use will be optimised to those architectures (most Quadro cards have ECC). Choosing a gaming laptop for engineering is like choosing a motorcycle to compete in transportation industry.

  11. Now, I want to buy a laptop:
    Hp 15db0002au; AMD dual core e2 9000e; 4GB DDR4; 5000GB HDD.
    Next, I want to replace HDD with 120GB or 240 GB SSD.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Later, I want to add the HDD in place of DVD RW.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Then,can this laptop run MS office and internet **without any problem**??
    Please answer…

  12. hello I am a computer  engineer. In my channel I post lectures on computer  engineering subjects so plz SUBSCRIBE my channel. make learning easy with MG Academy ?

  13. What do you think of the HP Envy with 8 Gb of ram, Intel core i7 and Nvidia graphics? Does this combination would be good for an engineering student?

  14. What about Computer Engineering laptops???


  16. Dose anyone has Surface book 2 ?? If yes please tell me what do you think about it, if its gonna help me as engineer? Or there are better ones

  17. Any recommendation for chemical engineering student?

  18. For mechanical engineering asus zenbook or dell xps?

  19. Is Doc operating system good for MATLAB SIMULINK PROGRAM.

  20. For the best performance, Get the fastest cpu – i9-9980hk or i7-9750h paired with a light dedicated gpu – preferably a 1050 or 1650 rather than intel graphics

    If you can afford the super expensive quadro graphics, then go for that instead, preferrably quadro t1000 or above for similar performance
    The thing about quadros are, some apps doesn’t support it, like autodesk revit. Some, have better support service. And some, have absolute performance advantage over the gaming counterparts. So do a search over your apps and decide yourself if it worth spending an extra fortune on it

    Even in dell’s own line-up, a normal xps 15 costs about 1300$ while a similar spec’d precision costs about 1700$, so think about it carefully

  21. I'm an engineering student too and I use the Asus Zephyrus S GX502GW. Great laptop!

  22. Best laptop for VM? (I usually open 3 os in vm)

    Need high gpu or just increase ram and high processor?

  23. There are two different types of dedicated graphics, one for the gamers, one for the designers and who design the game itself.

  24. Loan 1 = school
    Loan 2 = 2000$ laptop

  25. Do mechanical engineering students need laptops?

  26. Wtf why yall hatin in this dude

  27. anyone has a better link for this title, cause this sucks

  28. This list sucks what does it have anything to do with engineering laptops.

  29. why do you assume that every engineer student is a gamer? lol

  30. Engineering = Gaming

  31. I needed… or maybe, wanted something light, hybrid/detachable/2in1 (Or whatever you wanna call it) for sketching purposes, can atleast handle medium games, has atleast 8hrs battery life, has all the necessary ports for student, quiet fan & keyboard, responsive trackpad, multi-touch screen, fingerprint scanner. Under 1,000. Anything youd recommend?

  32. You act like I’m rich

  33. Best laptop for Mechanical Engineering ?(Matlab, Solidworks etc.)

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