The new Razer Blade 15 is probably the best gaming laptop on the market…. but it’s not the only great thin-and-light gaming laptop out there. MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, and others are creating new laptops capable of gaming performance while also working as acceptable productivity machines. Subscribe:

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  1. Would you sacrifice power for build quality?

  2. well… it's 2019 and the MSI GS75 Stealth Thin is out with RTX cards, so i'll go with that

  3. I don't trust this channel anymore lol

  4. Draven with leathilty WeirdChamp
    nvm it was yasuo which is worse xD

  5. Tihis guy is the smartest ever

  6. why is everysingle comment " the verge is so good and he is a good host " WE ALL SAW THAT VIDEO AND IT WAS THE SAME GUY LOL HE MESSED UP SO BAD IT'S UNBELIEVABLE … oh the verge probably aproves comments tbh

  7. Get with the program!!! All these machines are a year out of date!!!

  8. Have to admit, there’s a suspicious number of people all commenting on the quality of the host and how “to-the-point” he is. I cannot day any of these are not true, he is quite good, but I found it strange that there are so many saying the same thing…

  9. Hey its this guy! XD

  10. Msi gs65 or asus rog zephyrus S!

  11. Rog Strix GL503 vs. Legion Y530?… I'm a full time engg. Student… Not only for gaming but for projects, programming and stuff…. Which one outta 2 will you recommend? Thx

  12. Not this guy again

  13. Just Razer blade
    There is the king of the gaming computer ?

  14. Who Else Loves The New Guy?

  15. ???? 2600 for a laptop! I can buy a good car

  16. Has no one watched the building video?

  17. ‘League of legends’, actually made me laugh.

  18. Stefan is the HOMIE

  19. XMG-Laptop rocks, too.

  20. Not this guy again

  21. can it run minecraft?

  22. Lol wtf is with all the bots saying how great this guy is? xD

  23. The razed is the best looking I think the msi has a better performance when it comes to gaming but I still prefer the razer

  24. Honestly I kinda like the msi stealth and the Asus just because of there good look I only want to find something that can play like farcry 5 on 80 fps for a very cheap price but great video thank you

  25. Lol who has 2k to spend on a computer

  26. Links to all the laptops listed?

  27. Where is alienware 17 r5, acer predator or helios in this?

  28. I start to doubt how genuine comments are when there are that many “oh my god I love this host!” When presumably most came here for laptop info…

  29. Is dell inspiron g7 7588 is good

  30. I want a laptop that will play the sims smoothly and I always mess up with buying the wrong one I already had to return one..

  31. This guy has a lift

  32. I would put my "static" wristband on…I wouldn't want to get shocked by my laptop…lol

  33. XD I saw this dude and I was like no, not him again!!

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