The HP Laptop 15T is an Ultrabook that usually retails for $1250 USD. However, right now it can be bought for $450. It’s one of the best deals on a laptop that you can buy today. The best part is it comes packed with the latest specs. Watch for the full review.

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  1. Let me know if you want more deal videos like this! I'm always unsure if you guys like these types of videos. Hit me up on or if you have any questions!

  2. Really cool for the US people.
    I'm from Portugal so……..

  3. Idk about you but I'm not carrying a 15-inch laptop anywhere. 13" laptops are my go-to.

  4. No dedicated graphics.

  5. Hey man my budget is 50k and I want a laptop because coding gaming and video editing so prefer me a good laptop and those laptop battery is big

  6. I'd wait to buy any laptop till 4000 comes out then the prices will come down

  7. Is It support Bigger Software

  8. Can i get this in other countries like the Philippines?

  9. … or literally any used thinkpad for $100 on ebay

  10. Can i charge it by usp-c?, thank you for the deal.

  11. But still, when I consider a model with MX130 GPU, backlit keyboard, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, full HD screen and no other upgrades, it still ends up on $660. The actual Swift 3 I have do have MX150 but with i5-8250U CPU, however, I was able to game some latest games on it. The cheapest model has only Intel integrated graphics and it's a huge bottleneck for video editors and gamers.

  12. Watching this from Acer Swift 3, with that i5-8250U processor.

  13. make a video on best gaming laptop please.

  14. Oh Man… Why no deals ever come to India.

  15. You've got to review new Aftershock Vapor 15 (not pro) ASAP.

  16. I hope you make review asus tuf a15 or a17 when this laptop is release

  17. Is SVA WLED a VA Panel, which means it is not an IPS Panel?

  18. Not an IPS panel though….

  19. My laptop screen was broken, I feel like die

  20. I bought HP 255 G7 for 435$. It has 1080p display, AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 , 8 GD DDR4 2400 RAM, 256 GB NVMe SSD.

  21. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS Do more cheap laptop review

  22. Is there international shipping?

  23. I actually bought the hp 15t laptop just yesterday 🙂 the thing is, I upgraded some of the things like memory and the graphics card so they said it would ship by MARCH 24? I mean I think that's crazy. Does anyone know if this is normal that the "custom build" normally takes a month to ship?

  24. I prefer a laptop that can do video and photo editing

  25. Unfortunately I cannot recommend HP laptops again. Inasmuch as the laptop might have all the specs their build quality is terrible. I've had over 30 complaints from HP users (students mostly) about their hinges getting spoilt, display problems and a whole lot. All of the sample from the last months have been hp and they have only been using it for about a year. It's terrible and a brand like that shouldn't be having problems like these

  26. since Intel is gonna cut the prices to half of their processor to save their market share percentage so it's expected most of these products will lower their prices to keep the selling process up ^_^

  27. I wish I could get it in India

  28. Should I buy this or still save up for the HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop?

  29. Plz make a video on best budget gaming laptops to buy in 2020

  30. What is the best Portable 17 or lower inch "Gaming Good" l and not Expensive like Razer products Laptop ?

  31. I have that laptop, and it is AMAZING! I use my MacBook Pro 16 inch and this laptop and I got the touchscreen HD

  32. Matthew, where is your chair? xD

  33. Its an hp laptop which means its not a great deal anyway

  34. Its an hp laptop which means its not a great deal anyway

  35. I like this kind of videos

  36. which camera do you use ?

  37. Can u plz do a review for acer Predator Triton 300

  38. "It also has a very fast hard drive…….a 128GB SSD"


  39. I thought the surface laptop3 on your desk would be on sale

  40. Hi Matthew! I was all ready to get a new laptop and I had my eyes for Asus Zenbook 13 but this video has prompted me to switch my decision at the very last minute. I am definitely getting this one!

  41. How about people like us in asia? How could we get this kind of deals?

  42. Matt can you do a video on the latest All in ones by HP and Lenovo? Particularly the Ryzen 5 models and or I5 models

  43. I think the acer swift 3 is an amazing laptop as well

  44. Dassol where is Amazon link

  45. Pls make a video on best nuget gaming ? for students.

  46. How to buy from Canada?

  47. Hopefully you can do a review on it!

  48. Lol, this model isn't even available in my country ??

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