Forget traditional gaming headsets and invest in an audiophile pair of cans, they make headsets too!
•Sennheiser GSP 370:
•Beyerdynamic MMX 300 G2:

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My Setup…

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  1. You didn't do a keyboard typing test.

  2. i like the silence test…is it to see if they all pick up silence? lol

  3. holy fuck the sennheiser mic is horrible, please if you buy these get a spereate mic or dont use voicechat ever

  4. If you think "I wonder if I look cool while wearing those" you shouldn't have rights to own anything dude

  5. Hi Frank which Headphone has better imaging the MMX 300 gen 2 or DT 1990 PRO?

  6. My mic from mmx 300 dosent work i hear my Desktop Sound but not my voice

  7. Thanks rick i love your hit single by the way

  8. HD598 w/ modmic Best gaming headphone for FPS

  9. can any one help me please, I am after a wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, no mic, for a pc, gaming, I have a G533 and A50 but I can still hear me dog licking his balls, found loads of bluetooth ones, but no blue tooth on my Computer, many thanks, if that makes sense

  10. Mic of the Sennheiser 670 is better than the one of the 370. But it’s not the same price too.

  11. what are the best headphones for positional and footstep hearing doesnt have to be any of these 3 ?

  12. Just reading from the title, i agree. And infact, there is no such thing as "gaming headsets" anyway. Just buy a good headset thats comfortable, has a decent mic and great sound. If you play FPS games, theres software that does it much better than any "gaming" headset out there, claiming to have their amazing "surround sound." It's virtual surround or a bunch of drivers and it doesn't even come close to as good as pure software does it.
    Claiming to be "gaming headset" and to have the best surround sound is just a marketing strategy to trick ppl. Linus Tech Tips has covered this aswell.

    So for anyone out there asking "which gaming headset is the best?" Well whichever headset that you think is the most comfortable, has a sound you like and that has a good mic that doesn't make you sound like you're inside a box or 10ft away from your mic. Don't fall for the "surround sound" scams with 7.1 or whatever.

    fyi, i've tried the GSP 670 and its incredibly uncomfortable. Had constant pain on top of my head and its so big and bulky, not worth. And its insanely expensive for the lil it offers over other cheaper ones.
    I have a friend who works with sounds on a radio station in Portugal and I rather take his advice over advertisement or "top 10" lists.

  13. So, no 5.1 or 7.1, these are not gaming.

  14. The Rick roll troll was why I subbed

  15. Very good headset mic test, shows just how big difference there are in these headsets! Beyerdynamic wins easily!

  16. Need to know vs Mod mic

  17. Better the Logitech G Pro X or the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDac?

  18. I want to play games not dj

  19. I mean no epic gamer should use wireless headphones if he's serious about the game..

  20. Got an mmx 300 gen 2. Bought my first mmx many years ago and im forever a devoted Beyerdynamics fan

  21. it is actually funny how prevalent this is rn LOL

  22. The video review gamers need.
    Thank you sir.

  23. Do the mmx 300's work with xbox?

  24. But which is your favorite?

  25. The fuck bro…

  26. Can someone compare these with hyperx cloud alpha s?

  27. Does the Sennheiser work with Xbox One X?

  28. i have a cardiod mic, so im looking for just good headphones, that have good directional audio, i dont need a headset. any recommended suggestions?

  29. Thanks for not including the price I stole my mom credit card so it don’t even matter!!

  30. Using the beyerdynamic dt 990 250ohm with ath 2020 mic

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