CES 2020 is over, but what were the best laptops at the show? Let’s take a look at all the new models announced and see what’s coming out soon.

Note that this is a summary of the laptops I had time to check out, there were plenty of other models that I didn’t get to, unfortunately I’m just one person and couldn’t get to everything

Check out the rest of my CES 2020 coverage here:

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  1. Back to normal videos now ?

  2. which was the new laptop with 99wh battery? cant find it now.

  3. I didn’t get it. What is the name of the Laptop on the Thumbnail?

  4. you should compare the new asus laptops when you get them

  5. Where the heck are the 1440p thin bezel screens? Honestly, there's no point in getting 1080p anymore with all these powerful new specs!

  6. Msi gs 66 they should add a devil logo?

  7. *acer predator helios 300 laptop *

  8. Ailienware area 51 m is the best

  9. Why would I want an AMD cpu in a laptop meant for gaming? Intel put performs for gaming and lasts years longer than AMD

  10. Soon bezels will be non-existent

  11. I love new laptops but dude I can't keep buying a new laptop every 6 months, it costs too much lmao

  12. Hi Jarrod. I can't wait for your review on the Asus G14. I understand it is not available due to a NDA, am I right? Is it possible to know when will you release it?
    Thank you for your reviews. Greetings from Spain.

  13. @Jarrod. I love the coverage of new tech at CES 2020. Also, I would like to know your thoughts or review on asus proart studiobook one and proart studiobook pro x. I felt those are some kick ass machines and love to get reviewed from you. Those also have got above 90whr battery as per spec on asus website.

  14. That msi 7mn technology laptop IS CRAP…

  15. What would you suggest for a heavy gaming laptop around 3000aud? Looking at Aorus 15 but not sure!

  16. Woth Respect, Jarrod Do you have any idea about that MSI G66 Raider? Like can we get i7 processor with rtx 2070m Q?

  17. New ryzen 7 4000 with radeon cards. Which brand will offer them in at least 17"?

  18. Which laptop is best to run two external 27" monitors and is quiet?

  19. And i just spend 3000€ for a 2019 notebook…

  20. I have high hopes for laptops in 2020. Ampere is rumored to be beastly and the amd 4th gen mobile cpus are amazing. My dream laptop would be a 3050 ti and a 6c 12thr 4th gen cpu for 800$. A 120 or 144 hz monitor would be great too.

  21. Looks like ASUS, MSI, and Dell are treating AMD Ryzen 4000 laptops seriously. Look forward to seeing your reviews on these. The other OEM's are holding out. Maybe that backfires on them later. Thanks for all the time and effort covering CES ?

  22. Hey Jarrod, I like your video. I was looking into getting a gaming laptop for when I’m on the go. Looking around the 1000-1300 range. Wanting to get one soon. Should I wait while until one of these release? Not for sure on laptop release dates.

  23. Hopefully the new laptops will make the older ones less expensive. Just trying to get a 1660 ti labtop with a 1 tb nvme is a hard find around 1000.

  24. Crap and more crap on market….. they still use plastic set for laptops… i hope they broke…

  25. Jarrod's Tech it is 🙂

    We hope u do give aways. Especially am in need of a gaming laptop. ??

  26. Hi JT(爸爸jarrod)Jarrod Daddy, when you mean next gen NVIDIA graphic, u mean RTX Super inside laptop form factor?

  27. What kind of mouse is that, that’s pulsing blue 1:24

  28. I just need a powerful 2070 super laptop, is there anything like that coming out this year?

  29. Whoch is the best laptop in 2020 under $1000

  30. best laptops are rtx cuadro laptops

  31. Jarod is a thick tho ?

  32. Hey Jarrod! My videos are in the making.
    AirPods vs. AirPods pro
    Dell G3 Review
    16’ MacBook Pro review
    GoPro Hero 8 black review
    Alienware M15 review
    Razer Atheris wireless review.
    It’ll be on a different channel, that’s more of a network but I’ll let you know

  33. Wich laptop do you recommend me with ryzen 7 4000 and rtx 2060 cheap?
    Edit: It is for my future purchase

  34. Is Acer nitro 7 is a good laptop…..?

  35. what is price of G14?

  36. Plzz. Review on Acer predator triton 300

  37. Don't forget to test whether the USB type C display port supports g-sync external display or not when you get your hands on zephyrus G-14. Anyway nice video, keep up the good work ?

  38. Hi Jarrod! You missed Clevo's laptop.

  39. Please o please Jarrod do a review on the MSI GL65-9SCK-018AU I beg you I need the info for my project for IPT thank you.

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