This is the HyperDrive USB-C Hub for the 2018 iPad Pro. It’s a single USB-C plug opposite a medley of other ports, let’s take a look at it and we’ll go over why you should consider picking one up. It’s compatible for the 11″ iPad Pro as well as the bigger 12.9″ iPad Pro.

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  1. Will my iPad Pro, that i bought in 2017 work with a hyperdrive.

  2. So this hub was working for me fine and playing audio through speakers whilst connected. But now all of a sudden whenever I connect the usb hub to the my ipad it automatically routes the audio to it even if the headphones aren't connected. Anyone else have this issue?

  3. Does this work with the MacBook as well or do I need to buy a separate Hyperdrive that’s compatible with the MacBook?

  4. I cant mine to read a usb? how do i have to format the usb ?

  5. Is there a similar for ipad 2018?

  6. Is headphone mic supported?

  7. I use this hub with my iPad Pro 12.9 and it works great. Since I bought in a while ago from the Kickstarter campaign, it needed a firmware update to work with iOS 13 to enable pass through USB-C charging. The Hyper support site was very responsive and sent me the firmware update. Now everything works perfectly on my iPad Pro. IN ADDITION, I use the hub with my new MacBook Pro 16” to connect via HDMI to an old NEC monitor. The monitor requires a DVI to HDMI dongle, and contrary to the Hyper website AND Hyper Tech Support, their iPad hub works perfectly with the dongle! HOWEVER, I then went ahead and bought one of their 7 in 1 hubs designed specifically for the MacBook Pro, with two USB-C male connectors to connect directly to the laptop without a cable. GUESS WHAT? Their Hyper MacBook Pro hub will not connect to the NEC monitor via an HDMI to DVI connector. I had to return it for a refund. Next, I’m going to try an Apple USB-C to HDMI dongle and see if it will connect through the DVI to HDMI dongle. I’m reluctant to try a second version of Hyper’s iPad hub. It might have different firmware than the original. Quite a story, no? I am hoping to have two hubs, both of which work with the DVI to HDMI dongle. Wish me luck.

  8. I just bought this hub and I am returning it (thanks for the 7-day return policy of the vendor) after 24 hours.
    The HDMI is a total failure. I have an Acer Predator monitor 32” 4K monitor and the image coming from the iPad on the monitor is terrible.
    This product is ok for transferring files and charging the iPad. But if you want to use your iPad as a PC replacement, this will not work.
    It’s just good for a off-site work or presentation with a standard projector.
    So, AppleInsider… a suggestion: when you say “THE BEST” be more specific. It may be very good for limited requirements, portability, etc.
    For sure it’s NOT THE BEST all round. Do not try to trick your audience with high resounding statements.

  9. Hello, Everyone, Don't don't cry for your wallet? Now you can get the same function products, Here it is, It's original maker of products, I just bought one, very surprised me. This small gadget supports 100W super charging.

  10. I know it's a silly question. But, does it work with android devices with USB C ports?

    I just want an adapter which supports charging and listening to music at the same time.

  11. Is this can be used on iPad Pro 12.9 2015?

  12. Ahhh i bought it now i only have 00.0

  13. can i plug another usb hub to this one? i need three usb´s for my setup, as well as power and ether net

  14. Sir, if you have the Logitech Slim Folio Pro on the Ipad Pro, can this hub still be inserted? Thank you 🙂

  15. I have the Zagg Rugged Book Go will this work with this keyboard case?

  16. The hdmi portion is messed up on mine and the hyperdrive Kickstarter associate told me I couldn’t get a refund for the product. I didn’t even want the product after hearing the horror stories of people’s audio-jacks and stuff. The price point of this thing needs to be 40 bucks it runs a little warm and I have to use the extender to actually use it. Why should you have to plug and unplug something 5+ times to use the hdmi. It shows up pink with no audio and also lots of blinking.

  17. Hi I have a question can you use the same hub in the ipad pro 1st gen if i convert the type c to lighting?

  18. Would love one. Willing to pay $50, not $90.

  19. I’m going to pick up a hyper drive today because the generic USB combo mini hub that I bought from Amazon, is a generic version. when you try to listen to your headphones it is stuck on the HDMI and you cannot control your volume’s from your iPad or your headphones. So get the hyperdrive guys don’t get generic ones it’s a waste of time and money.

  20. It does not appear that this would fit the Ipadpro 11 when it is a non apple protective case
    so I am wondering if there is one you know of that does not have to attach directly to the ipadpro

  21. A comparative study with Kanex iPad Hub?

  22. Whats the point to attach with such ultra short usb cable?

  23. Will it work with my iPad Pro 9.7 first generation?

  24. Is anyone’s headphone jack on their hyperdrive not working? Everything else works too

  25. Does that adapter has 7.1 usb plug?

  26. Purchased the 7 in 1 USB C Hub in Best Buy. Looks beautifully put together. Can now use my wire head set and charge tablet when teaching or taking live classes online for language learning. I am also I excited to be able to use the storage options and maybe even mouse in the near future. The problem I ran into is that having bought the 7 in 1, for $50, it did not include the extension cable which means I can’t use it with my otter box (which a necessity considering my balancing and social grace skills). But husband researched and this cord which is pretty long is only $14 dollars. In a perfect world I would be able to have the most visually pleasing set up without otter box …yeah… no Also I got a really cool Logitech Bluetooth keyword (completely wireless) and am excited to use it. I thought the Bluetooth technology would lag but I am impressed! Now with this little hub I will probably add a big monitor too or projector. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for this video!

  27. Too expensive..hopefully this will go on sale at some point. Also concerned about the HDMI video with discrepancy of 30 vs 60 hz transmission.

  28. Purchased it and it’s junk

  29. I need more alternatives of this. The price is making my wallet crying.

  30. This is exactly what I’m looking for

  31. Appleinsider will this USB-C Hub work on a iPad Air????? Please let me know. Thank you

  32. It's $90 guys. And yes they have on for the MacBooks

  33. That’s the one I use. I love it.

  34. Is a lightning version available for 2017 2nd Gen iPad Pro?

  35. Great tip and vid! So you know that hyper link isn’t working “Oops, we can’t find the page you’re looking for.”

  36. can you review it again with the new ios 13 for ipad pro?

  37. I bought one and then took it back to Best Buy

  38. I want this but sadly they don't have the lightning one 🙁

  39. can i use the zugu case and that hyperdrive USB-C in th same time ?

  40. Actually I have an basic apple type C to 3.5 mm adapter ,but few days ago voice from my headphone mic started to go up & down , I think it’s a problem with my adapter so can anyone suggest me a good budget adapter with both charging port & 3.5 mm

  41. Doesn't charge my iPad.

  42. Are you sure about HDMI 4K at 30hz? Their website says different

  43. How about this vs the Satechi?

  44. I'll just get the ipad connectors ala cart with a discount.

  45. This is fcking overpriced not worth it. And it's not even available on Amazon so I have to paid for the shipping. Definitely not worth it lol

  46. Where can this be purchased?

  47. Will defo need one of these for uni

  48. Don’t see reason for SD card slots as whatever device u are taking the card out from, you can usually just plug directly into the iPad. GoPro for example. I would of rather seen a dedicated Rj45 gigabit connection available on hub.

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