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The Huawei Matebook X Pro is a very nice laptop package in 2019. It’s like an Apple MacBook for Windows and I think that’s exactly what Huawei was going for.

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  1. But can it run OS X?

  2. I Probably wont get an answer but what the hell, any one know the song that plays at 7:56 ?? trying to Shazam it and could find it :'(

  3. I have been using this particular model as a work & everyday use laptop and I am pretty amazed of how good it turns out to be. The keyboard is practically perfect when you take into consideration the way the keys are positioned, the travel and size of keys. They did an amazing job with the touch screen display. Camera is good when you really need to use it, which I don't really have need for it and find it amazing the fact that they decided to make it a flip key camera because of privacy issues and concerns. The only downside people may have with the keyboard layout is the up & down arrow keys but when you have a touch screen display so responsive as this you really have no problem. Battery is really good. Its an incredible machine. I would not change it and if I ever do is going to be for a newer model because Huawei is really going into the right direction of in the electronics business. Display, keyboard, specs, just amazing.

  4. Dude. Whenever you do a laptop review stop please comparing it to a MacBook. You completely disregarded the Huawei.

  5. FAAAAK – I HATE MacBooks keytravel.. FÅÅCK its stupid (meanwhile the market value of Apple is rising) (wTfÅÅrkman?)

  6. I like how Will stares at you ha ha

  7. Does it Hackintosh?

  8. Now Huawei has taken over Asus in the Laptop technology

  9. better this or mac air 2019?

  10. And then here comes the Huawei Matebook D15…???

  11. what US had done to huawei is the same US did to honda for saving harley davidson by increasing import duty to 50% except this time its worse

  12. you forgot to introduce x pro's touch screen. it's awesome. I am using x pro now. amazing products.

  13. Yes: Yoga Rocks!!! Best in the market!! I've had 3 Yogas and they are the best!!

  14. and huawei kills apple yet again.

    -typed from huawei p30 pro

  15. This is straight copying. How are they getting away with this

  16. What about performance and cooling in such a slim case? Heat? Fan noise?

  17. I have a MacBook Pro what the fuc am I doing here

  18. You did not mention many amazing features, one for all battery life and did the trial with dark screen setting…
    Intention was to defend the fucking apple shit!
    So uncompetitive, so unfair, so protectionist, so Yankee…. ???


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