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Apple’s brand new, 6th-gen iPad (2018) is here and it comes in at an exciting price point of Rs. 28,000. The new 2018 iPad also brings support for the Apple Pencil to a much wider market than earlier when it was only supported on the iPad Pro.
So we took the 6th-gen iPad…

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  1. What's up notification squad? Check out our detailed review of the 6th-gen iPad:

  2. Sali jatia Hindi mein bolna ?

  3. with or without pencil…????

  4. Can I use this ipad for photo editing and video editing??

  5. Please tell me from where the music is taken from first with gr8 effects

  6. Is there any option tu use WhatsApp in ipad??

  7. Bought this today at 19000 at this price u can’t go wrong with decision

  8. Make a review of ipad 7th generation 2019

  9. Make a review of ipad 7th generation 2019

  10. Make a review of ipad 7th generation 2019

  11. 32gb me se kitne spece milta h bro?

  12. Can we use Excel for office work?

  13. Watching on ipad 6th gen

  14. Suggest keyboard please

  15. I want something like a tablet that I can draw while not having to be on the computer, I already have an xp pen artist 12 for that. I'm looking into the spin 11 bc bigger screen and stylus $329 I think, but then toying w the idea getting the cheaper iPad w apple pencil for $300. Both have cons the iPad only has 2gb ram and the chromebook has 4. In perspective My Kindle fire HD 8 is 1.5gb ram and 16 GB storage. It runs apps just fine sometimes it closes out Pandora but I can run medibang, music and Instagram together. I just want a system that can do all that w/o lagging a lot

  16. jhatu hindi me video bana leta

  17. What do you think? Will it be like an upgrade to iPad air 2?

  18. How is it to buy a 32gb version? Isn't it too less a storage? How much of it is user available?

  19. Ipad 6 generation support OTG cable

  20. My work is mostly editing excel sheets ,can I go through it ??

  21. can some one can tell me that can i conect mobile hotspot to ipad 6th gen

  22. Which keyboard u used..?

  23. Make a ipad giveaway

  24. I will suggest To go with iPad mini 5!!!
    Its amazing!!!
    As it has a12 bionic chip!

  25. Is this sapot USB plz tell us

  26. That's a practical review…. Mostly play pubg

  27. I'm getting an used iPad 6th generation 32 gb WiFi only at 19k should I buy? Or the new one?

  28. Not able to pair Apple Pencil 2 with this iPad, can you please help ..

  29. Bro in ipad 2018 32 wifi – Can we use Sim For internet?
    Plz say bro

  30. I only got this iPad to paly fortnite

  31. Are Software updates are available

  32. Fuck i just can't buy it man! I need a lot of money

  33. I waaaaaant it , beebom can we have a video on the new iPad air ?

  34. Can you make iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 review please please

  35. Where did you buy it from? Could you give me Amazon link?

  36. is there any junk/Ram clean apps in iOS loke clean master which is available in Android.?

  37. iPad 6th gen 2018 vs iPad Mini 5 2019 kounsa best hai, for students and PubG addicts ! Want a video on that, chota hone se chalega, do it plzzz !


  39. Saala aaukat nahi hai kharidh ne k liye saala kya hai yrrr mami papa nhi man rhe

  40. its calling ipad?

  41. This is the perfect iPad . It’s replaced my full size computer. I can browse the web email game use apps and so so much more. Long battery life portable and great for watching Netflix etc. A computer without hassle. Ready when you need it in a instant.

  42. I pad without pubg is zero

  43. Is pendrive support

  44. Hey what about the new ipads out there?

  45. iOS SUCKS!!!!!
    The only reason I still use my iPad is because I paid a lot of money. Or I’d have thrown it out of the window the very next day.
    The biggest problem, the AppStore. Such horrible disgusting apps and most of them need to be paid for. The apps even the simplest ones like app lock, WhatsApp or most of the things you’ll easily find on playstore aren’t simply there. Only good thing is it runs smooth and OFCOURSE IT WILL! When there are so many things you can’t do and only some things which you can do, it has to run smoothly! What choice does it have!
    It’s just such a useless device.. wish I’d never had bought one. God..
    Edit: I ONLY play PUBG on this stupid device and watch YouTube. Nothing else, literally.

  46. Cover the air3 I want to purchase

  47. Does it support keyboard

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