The NEXT Chapter. Hello my lovely friends! In today’s video I explain the next chapter for this channel. I’m beyond thrilled to be given rare opportunities and have such a strong intuition to guide me on how to grow in life. In order to facilitate these new changes the upload schedule will change from 3 videos a week to 1 video a week. I will use the extra time to learn new skills regarding sound, shooting better videos and improving the editing. Next to that I’ll try to shoot more collab…

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  1. IMMIGRANT ivana is doing good videos

  2. Hii evana, I am watching ur video aftr a long time, I wanna say that u should do more reactions on indian movies, i love ur reaction videos more than vlogs?

  3. So happy to know that you are finding business opportunities in India and growing as a person! All the best for your new chapter and keep us posted! ?

  4. Change the name from IV to Ivana.

  5. Ben heel blij voor je! Ben benieuwd wat er gaat komen. Zou het wel heel jammer vinden als het IV gedeelte helemaal weggaat, wil ook nog weten hoe het met jou als persoon gaat. En je wat je dagelijks allemaal doet/voelt/eet. ?

  6. Best of luck for ur new life. And im sure every1 will understand and support ur decision no matter what, and if they are having an issue with it, they are probably not worth ur time. Just stay strong and stay focused and please keep in touch.

  7. I wish you tons of success whatever you chose and I will continue to follow you as long as you are on youtube. I wonder if you will PLEASE include videos of your speaking engagements or at least links to them. I would appreciate it. Best of luck!!!

  8. Good luck on your new projects.. iv

  9. good done . you are kind. when will your brudder visit India

  10. The funny thing is, even if I speak Dutch, I found your channel just after your switch to English. I think it was your Mumbai food court at Juhu Beach video which was the first one for me, and I'm a subscriber since then. Much later I watched some of your Dutch videos. Indeed, you reached a lot since the beginning. Of course technically your videos are now much more professional and also you yourself look now calmer, healthier and happier than 7 years ago. For me in the beginning your travel videos were the most interesting for me, but now your became somehow a part of my live, without knowing you personally. (I hope that does not sound creepy, I'm not going to stalk you, it's just like a favourite TV show where you got used to. 😉 )

  11. I wish you all the best and I totally agree with your vision about change. I say that life will always have problems, we have to focus on changing from one problem to a new one lol.

    I just wanted to ask if you make videos in hindi that you make subs in English pleeease because I don't want to miss your content ?

  12. I m with you from atleast 4 years

  13. Stand's very very stand still

  14. So, so happy for you! I love watching your journey and experiencing your travels. What an inspiration you are to me!

  15. Love you so much ivana and Happy Holi????????????????

  16. Your Voice is echoing

  17. Interesting! Nice video. Wish you best of luck with your new journey. ✌️

  18. Happy Holi Ivanaji,
    I will tell you about the diet of a celebrity and you have to tell me who is the celeb.
    Bacon and Eggs with Diet Coke

    Big Mac Burger/Fillet O Fish Burger/ Meat Loaf Sandwich with Diet Coke.

    Tea Time:
    Donut/ Muffin with Diet Coke.

    Well done tenderloin steak with tomato ketchup , french fries and thick chocolate milk shake.

    Chocolate cream pie with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

    Final hint:
    This celeb wears a navy blue suit with white shirt which is tucked in and a red tie.
    Guess the celeb and what do you think about this diet?

  19. All d very best for ur endeavours…happy to see ur growth…keep growing…love….??

  20. Travel vlog IV = Fusion of Holland nd India.
    IVANA= A stubborn lady ???.

  21. Always be happy with what u do and always make your viewers happy by being happy .

  22. Hey perky Perkovic : keep making videos with content across different avenues- dis and dat!

  23. Dear Princess Paneer: I found about you back in 2017 when I was planning my trip to India… and you were a life saver! I love your videos! You're UNIQUE! And yes, I insist in you coming to Costa Rica!!! Hugs!

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