totally clickbait. but also not clickbait. I don’t know where to start hacking, there is no guide to learn this stuff. But I hope you still have a plan now!

How to learn hacking –

The ultimate guide,
everything you need to know –

Stuff that looks cool:

crypto challenges –
wargames –
other exploit challenges –
basics of exploitation (+ my playlists) -…

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  1. 4:25, you don't even know how much you helped me

  2. Subscribe to My channel i give courses on that subject

  3. How to become a hacker:
    1.install linux on ur laptop

  4. step1 be a hacker

  5. 1:slap youre face
    2:slap your freind
    3:tell to your friends your a fake hacker and believe youre self lol?

  6. 1:slap youre face
    2:slap your freind
    3:tell to your friends your a fake hacker and believe youre self lol?

  7. Yow man we are like the same… switching from topics to topics.

    I thought i was doing something wrong (making projects and not finishing them)

    You made love your channel

  8. Hey guys ….I like to refer jose.ph1315 on Instagram. He is a pro hacker and I vouch for him.

    He helped me at a reasonable price.

    Stop wasting time watching videos like I did and contact him now

  9. Cool I am a fool on JavaScript who doesn’t even know to rotate blocks

    Welcome, And that is me

  10. Start working with networking tools on python, build your first cookie grabber. Build your own console based clients and find vulnerabilities that you can exploit

  11. Pretty sure you are borne with it

  12. I wanna hack my friend’s Instagram account cus he pisses me off

  13. dont just learn hacking , coding or something etc. you have to learn to solve or create something (as your goal) and youll find for those puzzles that will give you a path to

  14. So first 7 mins of the video just wouldn't stop talking

  15. Me
    <h1>hello world!<h1>
    I am hacker now.

  16. After reading a review about KEVIN MITNICK, who helped me hack into my Ex wife phone and gave me remote access to my Ex wife’s phone. I was delighted I got every proof I needed to file a divorce, if you’re thinking of reaching the genius hacker too, you should send a mail to OFFFICIALKEVINMITNICK @ AOL . COM

  17. "Bonsoir, Elliot"

  18. Hacking is not only security. The original meaning is using anything in a way it wasn't designed for as anyone in a hackerspace could tell you.

    Converting a telex machine to a twitter connected telex is hacking in the original sense.

    Security hacking is really using a computer in a way it wasn't meant to be used.

  19. Hacking- Just sprinkle codes like seasoning

  20. I started with c language and I learned to program some eazy programs put they can be useful to some companys.

  21. all shit jokes aside, this is one of the most genuine and motivating yt video I watched in a while. Thanks for making this , when my summer break starts I will try to join yr channel to support you.

  22. Remember kids, hack to learn not learn to hack.

  23. This helps a lot. I’m new to this whole thing watching this gave me an idea of what to do.

  24. If you want to get your account back mariodonald_45 on Instagram is the right person..He's fast, reliable, trustworthy and legit

  25. Jesus, this vídeo can be used to ANY hobby or profission in life, great fucking vídeo dude!!!

  26. hack = {‘meaning’:’there is none’, ‘remember’:‘ it’s mainly learning to find where there is something you can tweak’}
    >>> there is none
    >>> it’s mainly learning to find things you can tweak

  27. Step 1: open hackertyper . net (preferably on your laptop in a Starbucks or something, wearing a black hoodie ofc)
    Step 2: start typing
    Step 3: You can thank me later

  28. Vrei un loc de muncă excelent, ajunge la [] testat și bine hacker'';/.

  29. That is actually insane because that is basically the exact path I took minus the stripe

  30. when you know computer languages it is not hard to hack you just need to know right comands

  31. Can you make a tutorial on how to hack yourself so I can try to hack you plz?

    If you dont want to be hacked just tell me email and password so I can check if I got them right.

    Jk btw.


  32. I hacked NASA with html subscribe to my channel plz

  33. I'm a hacker!!!
    print("Hello world" )

  34. Im 28 is it too late ??

  35. in ur country 27 y.o is young age, in my country (+62) 25 y.o was called "om" which mean uncle, those who are above 25 years old cannot apply for a job unless they have at least 3-5 years experience and have a degree of at least a bachelor's degree or above, plus the government and stupid president who only became puppets of foreign mafias, shame on my country. (+62 country code)

  36. I need to show folks around me this video. The struggle is real ??

  37. Wie geht's? Ich lerne Deutsche.

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  39. Klingt recht deutsch der bursche

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