Want to try out this setup yourself? Use the link below to order LG Ultrafine 4K display for your iPad:

With the introduction of iPadOS, I wanted to see how far I could push the iPad and turn it into a real laptop replacement or, in this case, a desktop computer.

Apple is signalling; it is moving the iPad into an exciting new direction that will significantly improve the way we use it. I imagine a future where pro workflows can actually be accomplished on the iPad…

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  1. Terrific video, mate! Exactly what I'm aiming for! I have a question, Can I enable the mouse accessibility feature using only a keyboard? I ask this because my 12.9" 2018 iPad pro's display just died. So a got this idea, Could I use a USB C hub to connect my iPad to a monitor (HDMI) and a keyboard (USB A) to enable (without the ability to touch on the screen) the mouse pointer and then use it as a desktop device? I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks!

  2. My iPad Pro won’t connect to the monitor. Can someone please share you do it?

  3. mirroring not as desktop, will be perfect if screen aspect ratio follow tv or monitor

  4. Not going to happen. Apple sales MacBooks. Which means if they made the iPad Pro more like a computer they would sale less MacBooks.

  5. What is the screen ratio u get on monitor?…pls ans

  6. Do you know if other non pro ipads can connect to external screens?

  7. So is this only for the iPad Pro?

  8. I know the problem with the turning off display. It’s not the auto lock feature. FaceID devices have Attention Aware Features. Turn it off at Settings>Accesibility>Face ID & Attention

  9. robot voice is terrible! better to not make a video, than to use robot voice

  10. i love my iPad pro. Would be lost without it

  11. Is the videos in 4K? On the bigger display

  12. The reason why the screen goes to sleep is because auto-lock in settings is turned on. Go to display and bright and turn auto lock off. Somewhere around there is an option to keep the screen on when you close with the Smart Cover or the Smart Keyboard.

  13. can you close the ipad with a Smart Cover and it still work

  14. Hey an idea to fix the screen turning off, turn off lock/unlock setting in display settings and turn auto lock off, now it should work when you close the iPad

  15. What app were you using at the end of video?

  16. You can use the iPad in clamshell mode with an external monitor. I do this daily. You’ll need a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. After the screen goes blank on the external monitor, just tap the buttons on the keyboard or mouse, it will attempt to use FaceID at first, but then you can just enter in your pin.

  17. Great video, and love the set up, will you be picking up the MS Master 3 (since it now haves UBS-C support?)

  18. Hey, if I buy any Bluetooth mouse, will be able to map 1 button as back button?

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