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  1. how many times do i say ROBUST in this video? a robust amount of times.. rubust use of the word robust. ROBUST VIDEO.

  2. Brings analog watch ?

  3. I like you but your sooo Biased with apple

  4. Screw y'all, I'm a Nike+ supporter.

  5. I love my gear S3, I use it mainly for alarms, and calls when I have my hands covered in grease.

  6. I'm a new viewer I've never seen your videos before but I think this is a great video I would have liked to see you come at this from the direction of how big is of a geek you are. In other words what is the geek factor of each watch. I want a watch that I can do absolutely everything call people watch videos do everything that a tablet can do for a cell phone could do more accurately.

  7. I see that Gerber auto, a man of taste I see haha.

  8. Samsung watches are way better then apple. Don't be such an iChump.

  9. you are just promoting the stupied appel watch..

  10. My mum does this weird thing, OKAY THIS IS IT, she has 2 watches a AP watch and Fitbit Charge 2.
    She uses the apple watch all day and charges it at night. But uses the Fitbit for sleep tracking

  11. What I really want in a smart watch is something that tracks my health, not my positive health as growing, but tells me of health problems.

    Like an irregular heart rate, or if I have not been sleeping enough, or if my heart rate has been elevated for too long too many hours or days in a row, or anything beyond that.

  12. I can do 2 days with a Apple watch and with the galaxy i can do 1 day

  13. Seriously, this is the worst tech review I have ever seen. If anyone takes this guy's opinion on tech is simple minded

  14. I think there are more watches which can be taken on test like Michael kors dylan

  15. I'm thinking about the Marc Jacob's smart watch

  16. You stupid get ur facts right

  17. Where’s Fitbit

  18. Bro send me one of those apple watshes

  19. Wear a smartwatch and a normal watch.

  20. The Apple watch does not have sapphire glass on it check out jerryrigeverthing's video

  21. First time watching this guy…and 3 minutes in! I know he's biased to Apple.

  22. Fitbit Versa does everything the Garmen does

  23. Best about the galaxy watch that u can play games

  24. Amazing scientific video

  25. Is anyone watching it on a Tuesday

  26. All the babble and bullshit ends and analysis starts at 3:13

  27. Tizen is open source. It's not proprietary. Samsung doesn't own it, it's a Linux distro, and it's used in other, non-watch devices including cars and smart TVs. It's been around for years.

  28. Shows an exploded apple watch but better build quality that Samsung. Ur high bro

  29. Garmin is the best!

  30. Nice video thx. A thought use unique color per watch for example blue lettering for Apple matching all apple bars in the same blue, Samsung in green, etc. That way no need for the 16 to 20 lines

  31. im tired of looking at the fuckin gremlin

  32. I wear a sun dial on my wrist.

    gang gang

  33. Sharpen your knife

  34. The watch watch shoulda been a hybrid watch, not a regular "just tells the time" one.

  35. This is another one of my favorites from Casey. The editing is close to perfect, as is the soundtrack! And a thorough tech review as well. Kick ass, Casey!

  36. Are you old or young

  37. The main issue with Garmin watches is, when you compared with any cheaper watches like Huawei GT watch, Xiaomi GTR/Sratost, garmin watch lose.

  38. I’m buying the Apple Watch next 2 week’s.

  39. 10:54
    How is walking ☻

  40. Please… Nobody is more closed than Apple's watch. Works ONLY with Apple products. Samsung's watch is shit too. Works well only with Samsung. Fuck Bixby and their proprietary phone related Samsung Pay.

  41. video title: the VERY BEST SMARTWATCH…
    Reality: 11:59

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