This Android Secret Codes can Hack or Trick Your Sim Network Signal by this You Can Use Your Internet Data on Even Flight Mode, This Hidden Android Features or Secret Android Tricks are very Interesting And Useful for Every Android Smartphone Users…

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  2. Bro plzzzz help I Don't get net setting

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  4. Bhai honor 9 lite mai ye code work nahi kar raha.

  5. Bhai kya ye 3g mobile par nahi hoga

  6. Samsong m20 pa work nahe karta haa

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  8. Show this on Samsung phone

  9. U was going to fast

  10. It's not working in flight mode

  11. Itni mathafodi karnese to achha he ke phone ko disable phone no. per divert krdo

  12. ভাই আমার জন ১টি ভিডিও করতে পারবেন samsung phone হচ্ছে না একদিনের মধ্যে করে দিতে পারবেন আমার অনেক দরকার #*#4636#*#

  13. muze kisi or ke mobile ka signal jam Karna hai aisa ho sakta hai kya

  14. How to fix it not working?

  15. bhai mere me nahi aa raha

  16. This work in usa phones and if so can you do thos in English?

  17. Which code l should used please show me.

  18. It works . Now I am watching this video online with airplane mode.???????

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