Today we look at the ASUS GU502GV gaming laptop! With impressive specs and an amazing build quality, how does it stack up when pushed under load?

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  1. You open it up yet you tell us absolutely nothing about upgradability wow not helpful

  2. no numerical keypad

  3. If you undervolted the GPU would it run better or can you only do that with a desktop pc?

  4. does it throttle or is bottlenecked in any way? could this the most powerful and well cooled of the mid laptop tiers?

  5. watching this on my 532 that i got for 1K

  6. Can you add a ssd to this . I like to have two drives cause I do a lot of video editing. Or is there a better laptop for video editing.

  7. my $300 acer aspire 5 slim supports 1TB NVMe

  8. how does this compare to the max-17

  9. So there’s the Zephryus M RTX2070 with a 240hz screen or Zephyrus S RTX2060 with 144hz screen with gsync. Which would you recommend more?

  10. Just checked online,,Amazon in UK , dam you guys over there get a great deal, UK is £1999.99= $2600??? and with the RTX2080 it's £3000=$3900….

  11. I have this laptop and elevating it does help the chassis cool off between sessions. Otherwise this thing runs at 80c when maxed out. Elevating brings it to 75 76c on average.

  12. No HDMI port…no sale.

  13. What a great philosophy

    It's been used but not by me, so it's still new to me…
    Things I say to make myself feel better about buying a second hand laptop ??

  14. I think the new G14 is actually even better!

  15. cut the crap, this is shit.

  16. u know what i like most in this laptop? the matte display, i hate glossy display.

  17. When will it come with a 5700XT

  18. Game laptop play controller?

  19. I own this laptop and bought it roughly 6 months ago. If anything to prevent throttling and overheating, you would want to download throttlestop and undervolt the cpu. I managed to get mine stable on -0.135mv on the core voltage. I also use a cooling pad and even do a little overclocking on msi afterburner. Temps never go above 82C under full load. Usually they stay within the 70s range under load and 40s on idle. If you want better performance in general though, I highly suggest you upgrade the ram to 32 Gbs as it enables dual channel. Everything else is perfect, build quality and overall performance is impressive. It just needs some tweaks to make it run better.

  20. Wait i bought this one recently-

  21. White will smith

  22. I would be embarrassed with that aesthetic

  23. It sucks that everytime I watch one of these videos the laptops look great until I see the god damn price of them lol. My max I’m willing to spend is like £700

  24. this might be my sponsor today AMAZING laptop

  25. I want a review on Acer nitro 7 with 1660ti. Can you please do it.?

  26. Is it safe to bring it in a plane?

  27. Get to the point. How well does it run Linux?

  28. What does it mean when ppl say the word "flagship " ?

  29. I dunno but I got a gta car ad as an actual ad?

  30. dont understand serviceability concept, just buy a new one.

  31. Hey looking into laptops for programming ect. And I've always liked thinkpads and I am currently looking into the p1 gen 2 with these specs:

    9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-9850H with vPro™ (2.60GHz, up to 4.60GHz with Turbo Boost, 6 Cores, 12MB Cache)Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64Memory
    16GB DDR4 2666MHzHard Drive
    512GB SSD PCIeDisplay Type
    15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, anti-glare with Dolby Vision™ HDR, 500 nitsGraphics
    NVIDIA® Quadro® T2000 4GB

    How good is this? Reason I ask is because every I read about best pc the thinkpad doesn't seem to show up. So I'd like to know your guys opinions.

  32. Sounds like you are giving excellent medical advice.

  33. I actually bought this one, probably a little after this video. One big problem is is is only single channel memory. When I added another 16GB or RAM apps that use the GPU got much faster. Apps that only use a CPU actually got a little bit slower. Also, the SSD by Intel is much slower than the Samsung SSD that I added to it.

  34. Good practical review ?

  35. Change your camera or camera operator. Horrible focusing issues makes my eyes hurt watching the video.

  36. Whats the max brightness on the panel?

  37. Is this channel just one big ass commercial? What cool shit has he done since the post malone build?

  38. usless because this laptop way too expensive, with that amount of money you can buy a good car

  39. 6:37 Done that to 4 laptops. Cheap student laptops thankfully.

  40. Play with this on your lap, you’ll be sterile ??

  41. Review of asus g531gt???

  42. When a laptop is more powerful then your pc

  43. Do not buy a gaming laptop buy a desktop gaming PC. I bought a desktop gaming PC on this website for only $335 and it can run games like Battlefield 5, Rust and PUBG at 70 fps high settings. I highly recommend doing this instead of getting a laptop.

  44. I wish I had known about the laptop heat sterility procedure it would have saved me a lot of pain. Plus I wouldn't have had to put out all the money for 20lb bags of ice.

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