Today I have for you my Comparison of the Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE, And I compare it to the samsung galaxy watch smartwatch. This Watch is a Dual Display Smartwatch, Swim-Ready, Long Battery Life, 4g lte Cellular Connectivity for Verizon (Verizon Activation will start In August).

Hope you enjoy the Video

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  1. Vote for samsung

  2. Just sent the galaxy watch back as no google pay. Can’t decide fossil gen5, LG sport or tic watch. Help!

  3. شو بتنصحني ticwatch 4g او active 2 4g lte ؟

  4. The Samsung is gorgeous but the Tizen is rizen(reason) I just can't buy into it. Bixby is useless and has a postage stamp database of knowledge so that's a waste of space as are many of the Samsung bloatware apps. It also turns out that the sensors on the Samsung are not too reliable and the GPS has been reported to be a bit flaky too!

    I use google maps on my phone and desktop. This enables me to to continue with searches etc when using each device. To have a phone that isn't connected to this data is pointless so it has to be the Ticwatch with Wear OS for me. The Ticwatch LCD display is genius and means that if I'm away for a week and I forgot my charger, I know my watch will be ok and I can tell the time even when I'm sitting on a sunny beach, unlike the AMOLED display of the Samsung (unfortunate because it's a fantastic display other than in sunlight).

    However, I would like longer on the battery and I would have thought that 4 days isn't an unreasonable expectation in this daya and age for moderate levels of interaction, so I'll have to wait for the Pixel Watch.

  5. Best watch would be the galaxy watch with Google play store on it. I'm waiting for my galaxy watch to arrive today. I'm glad that I found out that I can install google assist on it at least.

    Does anyone think Samsung will integrate google play store on the galaxy watches?

  6. Great video, very helpful. Constructive criticism, try to stop saying "Actually"so much, it's unnecessary. Peace.

  7. Snapdragon wear 3100?

  8. How's the battery life on the ticwatch pro? I just got one first day and battery draining fast out of the box with Bluetooth/ WiFi only , is that normal?

  9. Galaxy Watch is better.

  10. I can't understand how Huawei and amazfit chineese comanys can get a month full battery life without any sacrifices on performance.and tech giants like Apple and Samsung still struggling.

  11. I had every Samsung phone until Bixby came along, then I had to leave and go to Pixel.

  12. Lte for the ticwatch pro is up and running on Verizon…just turned mine on about 3 days ago. As far a battery life…. Samsung can't touch ticwatch…can't even set at the same table with the ticwatch. Ran the watch all day on LTE for the ticwatch as well as my galaxy watch…my galaxy watch died at about 8pm….my ticwatch finally died at 5am the next day on LTE…The Galaxy watch is a much more attractive watch but I have been using the ticwatch since opening the box. No plans of going back to my galaxy watch….why? Wouldn't make any sense. On the ticwatch I have my Google Assistant, and thousands of apps that and watch faces that tizen is lacking.

  13. Anyone selling their galaxy watch 46mm¿
    If yeah please hit me up.

  14. Nice touch on lowering the volume of the background music during the assistants part.

  15. The good thing is you can use Google Assitant now on the Galaxy watch with a recently released mod. I have both the Galaxy watch 2018 and the TW pro LTE. Sadly the TW Pro cannot compete w/ the GW 2018 in battery life thanks to the archaic 32 bit 28 nm chipset vs a 64 bit 10 nm chipset. Then the battery life will be further compromised when LTE is active and that concerns me even more. Performance wise I have no complaints about either watches as they both perform just fine.

  16. I'm looking pretty strongly at the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE. My major complaint with most smartwatches has been how slow they are, and seeing 1GB in this year's TicWatch is great as it should really help combat that. I do think the Verizon exclusivity on the LTE side is dumb.

  17. I’ve had 3 galaxy watches now. I have to return because the glass that covers the heart rate sensor after a few months losses it adhesion. Has anyone else had this problem?

  18. Gear S3 Frontier Forever ❤️

  19. Looking for something, so can leave the phone at home on a run or certain situations. Is this crippled LTE? US only and separte cellular plan? And is 1GB RAM and old processor enough? Do I need to visit WatchOS or Tizen?

  20. I prefer the Galaxy Watch. Samsung makes the best hardware and the Corning gg dx plus is superior.

  21. can you use any watch bands?

  22. Ticwatch pro 2018 is waaayyy to slow compared to galaxy watch and the battery is also awfull on ticwatch pro 2018. I have both of them and if I should choose again, I would choose Samsung watch every time over tic watch pro

  23. it would be nice to see how notifications look on both watches! especially on the mix mode of ticwatch pro….

  24. Any useless Samsung bloatware on their watch?

  25. How about making calls which one is better on bt

  26. On my second Samsung gear s3 (no LTE) in which anything that should activate the screen, doesn't. The first would lock up too frequently, returned it for the current one (thanks costco) . I used the 'always on' feature as to me, it is watch first. Having to jiggle or twitch my arm to make the screen light made me unhappy. The TK watch appears to have figured that out. I had to periodically power cycle the gear watch to get normal behavior. Alas, this last power cycle did not help. Therefor, looking to replace it. I liked the fitness interface provided with the health app, although it always thought that mowing the grass was riding a bike! The phone connection to the watch was a bit slow to initiate but always worked. The text message interface worked well. One of the best features of the watch is it vibrates when the bluetooth disconnects. This is great when you're part way out the driveway and it tells you that you left the phone inside. Does this TK watch have a similar function?

  27. Nice review ? I have the gear s3 frontier. I look to see if it's worth upgrading from it but it seems like I'm better off staying. Mostly because I love MST lol

  28. Nice watches,for me the best is Samsung galaxy watch…great comparison…

  29. The ticwatch is far more superior watch then the galaxy watch. I have both and I can tell say that based on experience. My ticwatch arrived over the weekend and just having the Google assistant on your arm is worth it. I unpaired my galaxy watch put it away and don't miss it at all. I have a Google Pixel 3 XL phone so it pairs better IMO

  30. I don't know which kind of witchcraft you are using with that galaxy gear, but I can confirm that I don't know anyone with one of those (including my self) that can use it for more than a day, it barely reach to the end of the day with the screen always turn on (level 5 brightness) and maybe a day and the next day morning (about 9 o'clock) with the screen off.

    Still, I love it, but to be serious, the battery is not awesome and needs to be charged on a daily basis.

  31. I'm waiting for the 2019 Galaxy Watch in 42mm and silver. It does look like an actual watch and not a toy. But because it's guy an OLED screen… You don't be able to see the screen in bright daylight. A problem with all smartwatches.

  32. Great Comparison bro?

  33. So if you use the Essential screen more, than we should theoretically have more than 2 days of battery life. As I am getting a Tic watch I will try to let you know what I average.

  34. I think for me the ticwatch might be better option for me, I don't have a single Samsung product/device, but as you said the Galaxy Watch is great too

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