Titan Factory Direct Cottage Park Model Newest 2017
Throughout our long history, Champion has been acknowledged as a leader in the manufactured housing industry, as well as one of the largest modular home builders in North America. We specialize in building a wide variety of manufactured homes, modular homes, mobile homes, park models, and commercial modular buildings. Champion was founded in 1954 as a single manufacturing facility in a small town in rural Michigan.


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  1. Lol that's perfect for a man

  2. Nice looking home, but without a walk through video you can't get a prospective of the layout. Seems like the attention was on just a professional video instead of selling the home. But the product looked nice, just hard to see what it really looks like.

  3. I’d love to have a pair of plans to build it wow ? lovely

  4. Its a 1 bedroom

  5. Love the home and especially the porch with the fireplace awesome!

  6. fucking horrible video… what in the fuck did I just see ???????? sure was not much.

  7. Now I know what channel to go to for interior decorating ideas. And what channel to stay away from when trying to find out about the home in and of itself.
    Very, very disappointed.

  8. were can I buy one of these to put in new York

  9. Just buy a trailer dopes!

  10. I thought Titan homes were made of Titan Bricks this looks like wood to me

  11. Where do we buy? 24328 area USA

  12. Very well done and good usable space. Kudos!

  13. If anyone ever gives straight prices people can afford, with no small print, great customer service and quality they will run the market and be a 5 star company overnight. I would advertise for them for free!

  14. I didn't see anything. I saw things in the home and decorating but I have no idea how big this home is, how many bedrooms, size of bedrooms,etc.
    All this video did was stress me out.

  15. it looks like plastic wood grain

  16. You need to do full walkthroughs, looking around each room fully. I'm looking to buy several Park models and must have a connected visual sense of the usable space in each room to know if it will be functional enough for my family and dogs. Disabled accessibility is also important to see, knowing how wide halls, and doorways are, ceiling heights and countertop heights. Need to see all of the bedrooms and closet space entirely as well as the utility systems, furnace and water plus sewer hookups Miss any of these and I'm on to the next videos I can find that covers all these things.

  17. i saw some just like this starting at 8000 – 11.000 , or a 3 bed with loft for 27.500

  18. IS IT UNDER 10.000 ?

  19. Why is the fireplace outside?
    Doesn't make sense.

  20. Are you trying to show features of a home or just trying to show off your video expertise. That's not a question, we know the answer. You failed.

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