What are the best engineering student laptops 2018? The best laptops for engineering students 2018? The best laptops for engineers 2018?

I’ve done the work for you and here’s my list:

04:40 Acer Aspire VX15
05:07Acer Predator Helios 300
05:20 HP Envy 17
05:45 Microsoft Surface Book
06:11 Lenovo ThinkPad P51
07:23 ASUS R518UQ-RH74T
07:46 Razer Blade Stealth 13.3
08:05 Dell Precision 7720 & 7520
08:39 Dell Inspirion i7577
09:02 Dell XPS 15

I took the time and found links to the computers…

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  1. Do yo think the acer predator is light weight?

  2. hhahaha the sarcasm in the intro had me subscribing her right away

  3. Hello what the best laptop for automotive engineering

  4. Summary : if you have 2000 dollars to dispose, then buy a MacBook.

  5. Would u recommend the new razer blade 15 rtx 2060 for a engineering student?

  6. Can I use Think pad for mechanical engineering?
    Thanks a lot

  7. OMG I love your eyes. Think about that?????

  8. Like I said, think outside the box in semi automation cyber abs. The actual abs is old school tech but if you can implement interactive release active impulse control then you will solve the differential speed interactive ratio programming. The old school abs is a one impulse differential datas but with the cyber you can activate an adaptive interactive ratio rate programming abs. This is a new game play for a world wide invention mechanical aeronautics engineering.

  9. I invent the sensor of flat computer that was stolen from me, still the next generation of super computer is going to be cyber by special interconnected power grid special electrical design. Those grids sensors design will bring you to the next level of operations Cyber fast speed connections interoperations computing. Without the grid design you cannot go beyond the cyber fast computing.

  10. AMD, your welcome

  11. Really useful thanks

  12. Need a help I'm a beginner in autodesk inventor would you recommend me to go for ThinkPad t590 corei5 8th gen
    8gb ram , 2gb mx250 graphic card

  13. Does it surface pro playing program Autocad and Autodesk

  14. Curious that the only really engineering laptop is the P51 and the Precision’s the rest only gaming crap

  15. asus zenbook duo ux 481 for engineer

  16. Videoya girişini sikkiyim aqudumun karısı infoyu ver geç

  17. i should have seen a video like this when I was about to start my engineering career!

  18. good work my love engeneir

  19. No HP workstations? Uncompleted list all in all

  20. I’m a software engineer student and I’m thinking of buying a Microsoft surface laptop or Microsoft surface book , which one should I buy !!

  21. Darling you r so sexy .so swit

  22. Is 512GB SSD good enough or should I get a laptop with 1TB if I’ll be using it for engineering, programming & gaming?

  23. what about CPU ryzen?

  24. Hit like for "Navida".

  25. Anyone can advice on which laptop should a chemical engineering student go for?

  26. Is these 10 laptops like 1 2 3 … in order?

  27. what do you think about MSI PS42?? im going to start industrial design, and that look really intersting

  28. I remember screaming in pain when my 300 mb Solidworks file won't open. Then I got a PC

  29. So my question, if you had to go through it all again without the lab coms, what one would you go with? I’m in my first year.

  30. What about hp omen 15???

  31. Is Doc operating system good for MATLAB SIMULINK program .

  32. Is the Lenovo Y540 GTX 1060 TI or the RTX 2060 good for Solidworks?

  33. Maybe next time display the price thanks

  34. I'm about to start as an engineering major and this video has been so so helpful! Thank you!!!

  35. Can you please suggest laptop for ANSYS around 1500$.

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