A smartwatch is not just a fashion accessory, or meant to tell the time only, it’s more than that. Now a smartwatch can perform tons of task, with or without having connection to your phone, searching stuffs on the internet with voice, tracking locations, monitoring fitness, and lot more conveniences. As the time goes, lots of new features are being added to the smart watches, and they are getting updated with latest innovations.

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  1. Smart watches are going to replace expensive watches,we are going to have jacked smartwatches

  2. Ticwatch pro 00:46
    Huawei watch Gt 2:25
    Casio pro Trek WSD 4:03
    My fav 1 like

  3. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best smartwatch scafe.shop/tbs2019?XC hope it helps you out too!"

  4. But.. For me… Fossil Gen5 is best ?

  5. Hey, Great video. Thanks for the video. I made also a video about the best fitness trackers & smart watches. You can find the link below and take a look at it. I hope you will like the video.


  6. Samsung watch can also use Bixby

  7. Wish there were option for Rectangle shape watch too
    and with steel belt ?

  8. Wollte mir erst eine Apple Watch kaufen, da Zuhause alle unsere Geräte Apple sind, doch ehrlich gesagt für die paar mal die ich Sport mache und laufen gehe rentiert sich das viele Geld nicht wirklich, daher dacht ich mir komm nimmst erstmal ne günstige um zu schauen ob ich sie wirklich nutze. Ich muss sagen für diesen Preis ist die Uhr einfach nur super. Für meinen Gebrauch mit Schritte Zähler ist es absolut praktisch. Kann ich nur empfehlen

    Seit 3 Tage habe ich die Fitnessuhr erhalten, habe gleich zum Radfahren (mehr als 3 Stunden) genutzt. Mit der App VeryFitPro funktioniert die Uhr prima. Herzpuls, Geschwindigkeit, Route, Zeit wurden ausgewertet während/nach Sport. Gesten bin ich wieder mit dieser Uhr gejoggt. Die Akku hält lange Zeit. Der Schlafmodus hat auch meinen Schlaf ganz genau ausgewertet.A great product: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B07YYLKSYK

  9. There's something called gear S3,if you don't know ,it's the best smartwatch out there ,better than 80 percent of those watches in ya list

  10. Can you use google assistant as primary on the galaxy active 2?

  11. 1. Your phone has a watch
    2. Your traditional watch doesn't need hassle of daily recharge to use.

    All in all smartwatch isn't a smart choice it's just a hype

  12. Fossil gen 5 vs galaxy active 2 which one is best?

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  14. pretty sure that this video was supposed by the 'top3' watches. TicWatch/Huawei watch both are innovating companies but all behind fossil??

  15. NFC/esim/speaker included Ticwatch No.10? you are so funny.

  16. Stop advertising and start critiquing.

  17. This smart wat ch is very very smart and stylish. Thanks for this video…

    I also know a cheap rate and smart looking smart band https://bit.ly/2OHutnp

  18. Apple watch number 1??? Really Bro? That only works with IOS. ONLY ONE system!!! You can not say is the best when it is limited to iPhone users ONLY.

  19. great description of watches

  20. Very nice device. More similar here https://smartwatch.pw/

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