With Apple’s new 2018 iPad now on the market, we round up our Top 10 Features for the new budget iPad!

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  1. I’m watching this with that iPad ?

  2. Mind checking me out and maybe subscribing

  3. it's good, love playing lots of songs on it. Google ZillaTube, it works

  4. What app was they using to color on at the beginning.

  5. Very noce information

  6. Does this ipad supports fast charging adapters like 67 watt or 87 watt ?

  7. I’m watching this on my iPad Pro ???

  8. Wow this was awesome

  9. Moonja yenda apdi vachruka?

  10. iPad is good pubg

  11. Is there a setting that lets you delete email after a certain time period automatically, was on my old iPad.

  12. Can I connect ps4 controllers to this iPad??

  13. reason why apple sell their products at expensive prices. becausd their software is way better then others. anyone can put fastest proccessor .. but not everyone can make a great software likenapple i.e their ios.

  14. I've never used an iOS device before, just my Macbook. Damn it's so cool to see some features being shared between apple devices, I can't wait to get my hands on my iPad.

  15. Thank you I have learned a lot thanks to your video

  16. I love my 2018 iPad, I got it in March and it it one of the very first Apple products I’ve owned. I have the 128 gb version in Space gray with WiFi and cellular. It is by far the best tablet that I have owned, I have always had android tablets which are extremely slow for me. This tablet was definitely a huge upgrade for me

  17. Really nice video and helpful.

  18. I just bought an iPad and don't know how to use it but now your video made me master of this.

  19. Whats the drawing app called he was using

  20. I just got my iPad and this made me feel great considering all the features it has. 🙂

  21. Can I get the Apple Pencil on eBay or is it better from a place where they sell iPad
    Like T-Mobile store that’s where the iPad 6 Gen is on special

  22. Oof thanks for teaching me about stuff I never knew about my ipad

  23. Man IOS is so much more customized than android.

  24. Hey I’m just trying the split mode ?

  25. 2:31 flicking the g-spot ehehehe

  26. is Book app able to read my notes?

  27. Is Apple pencil able to extract text from picture and screen shot?

  28. Will anyone suggest free note making app with Apple pencil as I am new and I don't know no I need to make many dynamic notes from newspaper like current affairs… By the way it's very nice and informative video

  29. Does the ipad pro 2017 have that features?

  30. 250 32g WiFi 250$ on Walmart.com and amazon!!

  31. So I don’t need laptop

  32. I have ios 12 and there's no split keyboars feacher.

  33. most informative..thank you

  34. I’m watchin’ this with my iPad 6

  35. Will it record system audio while screen recording

  36. So I just bought my ipad the other day and I love how easy the set up was, just putting my phone beside it and watching it do all the work. But all of this in the video I had no clue, I think I'm going to have to watch this video over and over again to learn more. Thank you so much

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