Here are more than 20 unknown Apple Watch Series 5 features. Many of these should work on older versions of the Apple Watch as well so definitely test them out on your watch regardless of which version you have! Airpods Pro Review:

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  2. This is the best video on this I've seen yet. The best part is I have no idea what this guy looks like. No crap. Well done. Also, posted screenshots of Apple Watch workouts would be enough to make me delete an internet friend.


  4. On my apple watch series 5 didnt work the light that turns on when i need to find my phone and the one that says the time with the 2 fingers

  5. Thumbs up ???? if your watching this and don’t even own an Apple Watch ??

  6. Is the watch here a 40mm or is it 44 mm?

  7. This tutorial is AMAZING. I learned so much and was able to customize a few things. Seriously though, this watch is so much more than a gadget that tells time.
    You are a life saver, bless you!!

  8. Excellent, helpful video! Thank you!

  9. Actaully usless, im new in apple universe, i have apple watch maybe 2 days and i found all of this alone.

  10. SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. this is one of the best apple watch videos that i have seen…. ( and i have seen a few )..
    Also great to see the Bible app in your favourites ?

  12. You listen to bizzle ahh??

  13. I got the 40mm series 5, 44mm feels a bit chunky on my wrist not to mention the £100 difference lol. Loved the video very helpful. I frickin love my Apple Watch series 5..


    Apple watch is good to check time and its apprearance.

    Everyone to buy apple watch for sports app. in watch, need check watch's function of sports app.

    i bought and used pools swimming App. but its function is add. I did swimming 2000meters but Apple watch app marked 4000meters. The next day i tried again to check again. Apple watch showed my record wrong. i did 1900 meters but watch marked 3800 meters.


  15. Who can i know if there is siri in Apple Watch

  16. Yes thx because I did that and IT IS THE BEST

  17. Do you have to sleep with the watch on in order for it to use the sleep watch app?

  18. Finally a video that actually shows useful tips. Deserved my like!

  19. How do I add Facebook app to the watch at the mo I ask Siri to open google to open Facebook

  20. Iv just got my Apple 5 watch Iv not had one before. But for £500 it’s bit much for what it can do

  21. How did you still have Youtube and Amazon on your phone?

  22. You listen to Bizzle, respect!

  23. How did u add the woody wall paper doe

  24. I went back to this video to review because it was INCREDIBLY useful thank you

  25. Is the Apple Watch useful? I want to get one but I also don’t want to use it for a month and leave it for the rest of my life ?.

  26. Stainless Steel really worth the money or aluminum’s good enough ?

  27. ONE MORE YOU MISSED!! – Re-Arrange your watch faces, directly from the watch!

    – on the watch face,
    – force touch to enter the customise watch face
    – the tap and hold the watch face, 

    and now you can re arrange your watch faces right from your watch!

  28. every time I talk and text the text is correct then when it sends and the watch automatically changes the text, does anyone k now how to turn this off?

  29. How did you get the motion dinosaur character as a watch face. I only see Toy Story and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  30. Is that 40 mm or 44mm ?? Please reply me

  31. I don't even own an apple watch why am i here???

  32. you vids lag baaaaaaad

  33. Good video. Snlotnof nice hidden features I didn't know about. However, Long press to make it speak the time doesn't work on my series 5 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  34. Seee that 5mins thing is useful bc I constantly over sleep my own alarm Nd fly out the bed ungraceful like at random. Thankfully works 15 mins or less away?

  35. I dont even have an apple watch

  36. You're the best. Thank you for this precious knowledge.

  37. didn't really get feature on 3rd min. with dark screen. tried with allways on display off, with theater feature on when display goes dark, couldn't make it work with dial

  38. I loooove you!!!

  39. I am shopping for a 5 for my girlfriend.. she's big into exercise so that design and band is an important factor… I prefer the aluminum case but undecided on a band.. She's not a fan of plastic… any suggestions on picking the most useful 5 for her? Also is it necessary to get the 'cellular' option if one has their iPhone with them all the time?
    I thank you Joe

  40. There's too many features/hidden features in this watch. I think I'm using only like 25% of what it can do. Nice video!

  41. How are they unknown if you know what they are????????

  42. How do I reinstall built in apps from the watch that I deleted? I deleted some apps such as camera but can’t find where to get it again. It’s not on the watch app on my phone and not in the Apple store either.

  43. So I deleted the camera app on my watch and I can’t figure out how to get it back. It’s not on the Watch app on my phone and it’s not in the apple store. Same goes for the other apps that came installed on the watch that I uninstalled. How do I reinstall these?

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