Need a cheap laptop for school? These are the best laptops for highschool and college students around $600 !
Acer Aspire 5 –
Lenovo 320S –
Asus UX330 –
Dell 13″ Inspiron –

Backpack –

Cheap Skylake Laptops
$400 – HP Pavillion –
$400 – Lenovo 310S –
$550 – Lenovo 510S –

Acer Aspire 5 Review -…

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  1. Hope this video helps the people looking for some inexpensive laptops. If you need to get something even cheaper (like $300 or less) buy a chromebook, not a windows laptop. Thanks for watching my stuffs!

  2. Can you do a new video for 2020

  3. Dave the laptop guy :_:

  4. In Indonesia especially for me (in Yogyakarta), it's already considered expensive (including tax etc) :')

    Asus ZenBook UX330UA is Rp13.699.000 or 994.40 USD

  5. Greetings i assure you that with this you'll get the best laptop to use either personal, business & even for your studies

  6. حبيتتت انه واضع ترجمه عربيههه ،ثنكيو ???

  7. Hi Dave, which would be the best laptop between 2000 – 3000 usd.. I heavily use vmware and run vms for some network device simulations

  8. I'm watching this after i just got a new laptop for school and basically there are a lot of school websites that I can't access. Great timing, YouTube

  9. Dave, please post a video recommending cheap value for money laptops for college students in 2020.

  10. Ngl I’ve been looking at a lot of student laptop vids and every video has everyone complaining about the price. Like it’s either cheap and people complaining about its software or it being good but being too expensive…. students are really hard to please

  11. hey dave, buy me a laptop pls

  12. THE LENOVO IS BACKLIT I use one w/ the same keyboard either alt + space or fn + space turns it on

  13. Excuse me but 200$ is CHEAP WHATTT

  14. love this vid and laptops!!

  15. Cheap laptops

    600$ laptop

  16. Hi, You have back lightning you just have to hold the fn button and press the space bar once or twice in the lenovo ?

  17. Bro dell g7 i7 8th gen 1060 vs y540 i7 9th gen 1650
    Which one is better

  18. I came here, hoping to see the backpack from the thumbnail. Hmm

  19. remake this video for 2020

  20. I like the backpack in the thumbnail

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  22. I got a Lenovo C330 for Christmas.

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    Check now

  24. Can you recommend a Windows laptop that is not responding?
    Me: is it good for programming?

  25. 2:44 "Nigga, it's pretty bright"

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