EDIT: From your lovely comments, my watch may have definitely…been a lemon. People said they’re experiencing AT LEAST 3 days. But still…my versa only lasted 1 day, and has been returned 🙂

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  1. language,,,, ,,,how the hell can it be change it,,, hate it that too,, else,, you cool man,, such as un guy,, great for you

  2. Can you please do a review on what you love/hate about Garmin smart watches?

  3. How much percent is accurate ??

  4. im getting it but i dont have it yet so do you think i should get it because im basicly only getting it to play flappy bird

  5. Does it track the steps or distance well when you don't carry your phone along with you?

  6. Do you still use the fitbit versa?

  7. Informative and hilarious. Thanks!

  8. Hey everybody, can someone answer this for me?
    Everyone is saying that if you have a problem with your Fitbit, as long as you bought it within a year, Fitbit will replace it for you if you email them.

    Do you have to buy it directly from their website for that to work out? Or can buying the watch from walmart (for example) still be okay if you reach out to them in a few months if you start having battery problems?

  9. I love it soo much I have a grey one

  10. I wonder how many steps Versa has counted as he started waving his hands at the beggining of video 😉

  11. Asian Kevin Bacon looking hand gesturing paul from tekken hair having fitbit guy

  12. I was wondering can you download the fitbit wallet app to this versa to avoid buying the special edition

  13. FYI I have a fit bit versa and a Galaxy note 8 I have had 3 fit bit versus, come to find out according to fit bit the note 8 does not think to fit bit therefore I am getting after over a year a total refined of my fit bit so that I can go buy something else just wanna let the peeps out there know Peace

  14. Attaching the strap is a motherf***

  15. I know the top 1 reason why you should use the versa, the relax app.
    breathe in…. breathe out

  16. Love your honest review and you're so entertaining. Didn't feel bored watching your vids. Keep it up!

  17. How good does it work with Strava running app ??? That’s what I use to track my Runs .. I’m looking to buy and running watch that works well with Strava .

  18. In Australia, the standard versions still have NFC.

  19. Thanks man, love hate 60/40 worth it ! Just got one and I’m setting aside April to attempt to upload my music. Good review.

  20. LESS


  21. 7 seconds were more than enough from this guy, thanks.

  22. Thanks I was seriously considering getting the versa. But after owning a blaze, the battery sucks and the charge dock.

  23. if its taking you 2 hours to download 10 sonhgs you are horrable i have 8 and that tok me 5 min

  24. I like your reviews..
    Keep it up


  26. He calls an Ionic an Icon…

  27. The nfc is for cashless card payments. The battery life was fine. Not sure what was wrong with this guys watch. But it’s true about the music and the watch face problems

  28. I agree with everything in the video! My battery is great, so can't speak for your experience. Another thing that I dislike about the fit bit is the weather app. Majority of the time you have to sync it with your phone just to see the weather. If I'm going into my phone, might as well just look at the weather app instead!

  29. Why don’t you buy a fitness belt that holds your phone in it you just put it in there and you don’t have to worry about it hitting you. The one I have never moves think I paid about $20

  30. Will this connect with pixel 2 xl?

  31. Yep. I hate this thing. Wish I never bought one. Also have the note 8

  32. Yikes. Almost bought this. Thanks for the video.

  33. Run with your phone in your pocket?! You realize most women's pants don't even have that option right? Get an armband for your large phone.

  34. Love your style kid! Keep it up! Subscribed!

  35. I have the same watch and the battery life lasts like 5 or more days

  36. The fitbit seems like a great fitness watch. If I had not purchased the galaxy watch that was my next option. I do sleep with my watch even if its a bit bulky. Oh and I didnt know there was such a thing as a galaxy s4 watch. 3:17

  37. I just got mine 3 days ago. Setting up was horrible as it took more than an hour. Went for a run today..it was trying to connect most of the time but no issues with recording distance and speed. I like how it looks n I'm motivated to exercise more.

  38. I’ve had the versa for little over a month now and my battery last is lasting a average 5 days

  39. I hate the charger it doesn't stay put cos the watch band is rubbery and bounces and the charger is light as a feather!

  40. I enjoyed this video. It was entertaining. I just bought a special addition Versa, I got it for a good deal while it lasted. I paid less than the original non NFC version. Can't wait for it to come in the mail. I love the way it looks, and can't wait to see how it performs. Fitness units motivate me to get moving, get to the gym or go outside.

  41. Your the best! So funny

  42. my versa works just fine and 4 to 5 days on the battery, also your videos would be more helpful if you didn't act like a dork!

  43. Does the watch light up at night while you’re sleeping? My last fit bit would light up when I rolled over at night which irritated my husband!

  44. Really enjoy your review, your humour and music!
    Keep it up! Liked and subscribed!

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